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How Much is a 5-Carat Diamond Worth?

December 7, 2022 6 min read
How Much is a 5-Carat Diamond Worth?

How Much is a 5-Carat Diamond Worth?

All I am bothered about is the carats of my diamond! 

If you know a diamond lover, you must have heard this multiple times! And this is what shows how diamond lovers preach their diamond's carats! While there is a range of carat options available, and every carat is special in its sense, a 5-carat diamond is worth the discussion! 

Want to know why? Let's begin this ride! 

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5 Carat Diamond: A Muster of Luxe, Shine, and Glamour

No matter what carat of diamond it is, diamonds never fail to gather attention and always make you look like a star! And a 5-carat diamond is no different. It is huge, and its sparkling cuts are appealing to the eyes... It can make your average ring ready for a studded event! It can be cut in a range of shapes like round cuts, beautiful rectangles, and also in alluring squares! Further, the brilliance and iridescence it oozes never let anyone take their eyes off it! 

 This makes a 5-carat diamond a dream for many brides and to-be brides

Let's discuss the different colors, clarity, and shape 5-carat diamonds can become yours!

  • Colors

5-carat diamonds can be bought in different colors. From grades I and J to E grades, 5-carat diamonds look aesthetic in all colors. Explore the nearest diamond stores or online diamond jewelry stores like Netcarat to know what designs are available in which colors!

  • Shape

When we said 5-carat diamonds could be found in different shapes, we were not joking. It can be bought in a heart, square, rectangle, or a famous round cut shape. Not only this, diamond admirers can get this customized in choice of their shapes like oval and other exciting geometrical shapes.  

  • Clarity 

Clarity levels like VS2 and VVS2 can be commonly seen in 5-carat diamonds. But, it is not limited to this only. There can be a range of clarity levels found in 5-carat diamonds! This, to some extent, can also decide the price of a 5-carat diamond!

Price of 5-carat diamonds

A 5-carat diamond can be yours at a range of prices. Sometimes, it can cost you hefty bucks, and sometimes it can happily fit in your pocket. 

Generally, a 5-carat diamond can cost you around $9350 to $147,400 per carat! 

But the actual price depends on where you buy it! And, which style, color, purity, and cut grade do you buy it in?

If you are buying it from a store, check if it is a trusted diamond jewelry store. Does it deal in retail or wholesale prices? 

While there can be numerous options available, to get the best prices, you can hop on Netacarat, An online diamond jewelry store that delivers your diamond right to your doorstep without any supply chain cost additions. So, you get the best price available for your 5-carat diamond! 

Price difference of 5-carat diamonds

  • 5-carat diamond price per carat
  • 5-carat diamond price per clarity
  • 5-carat diamond price per cut
  • 5-carat diamond price according to color

To get an idea about other ranges of prices, refer to the pricing table! But keep in mind that the prices of diamond fluctuates and often are not steady. 

Clarity IF VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
D $102,924 $80,529 $70,522 $63,851 $52,415 $35,261 $26,208
E $75,050 $68,400 $61,750 $57,000 $47,025 $32,775 $24,225
F $65,067 $60,352 $54,694 $50,451 $41,021 $29,705 $22,632
G $53,619 $49,823 $45,552 $42,231 $35,588 $26,572 $21,353
H $42,320 $38,991 $36,138 $33,285 $28,530 $21,873 $18,545
I $32,672 $30,304 $28,410 $26,516 $22,255 $18,467 $15,626
J $24,908 $22,992 $21,555 $20,597 $19,160 $16,286 $13,891
K $19,100 $17,668 $16,713 $15,758 $14,803 $13,370 $11,938

So, is it worth it to buy a 5-carat diamond? Or How big is a 5 carat diamond? Let's discuss it! 

Is it Worth Buying a 5-Carat Diamond? 

Ask any diamond lover, and they will say a loud YES! 

Just like a 9-carat diamond, the ability of 5-carat diamonds to take fancy shapes, and different colors, makes them a favorite of most diamond enthusiasts. Apart from it, as it can fit right into your budget, it is admired by a lot of diamond buyers all around. 

But how big are 5 carats? It can be huge. Massive enough to grab eyeballs and make you a show-stopper in a minute. It can make your hands (with a 5 carat diamond ring on your finger) take all the limelight! 

Generally, when cut in a round brilliant cut, a 5-carat diamond will have a diameter of almost 11.1mm. 

This design covers almost 70% of your finger, resulting in a ring with a round cut 5-carat diamond die for design! It can pair well with all your outfits and can ensure you stay in the spotlight and add some extra stars to your overall personality! 

The cost of 5-carat diamond varies

If we compare prices among different diamond jewelry stores, online stores, and retailers, we can see the variation in the pricing of a 5-carat diamond. Not only this, but we can also see how each shape and design can be of different bucks at different stores! And, sometimes, different cuts of diamonds can cost you differently

Moving on, let's discuss how much a 5 carat diamond costs you! It can somewhere lie in the range of $40,000 to $200,000. 

But, depending on the clarity, cut, and even color, the price can vary a lot! So, before buying, do consider the pricing trends, comprehend the carat vs. price understanding, and do your research to find the best price possible! 

Don't forget to compare and contrast prices for at least 4-5 online diamond jewelry stores! After some time, you will surely get a deep understanding of diamond prices and why some stores keep their prices high or relatively low! 

To seal the verdict, we would say, yes, a 5 carat diamond is totally worth the price! It can become your immediate favorite. Be it for your engagement ring or a gift to your friend, mother, or your spouse. A 5 carat diamond can be a perfect pick!

5 Carat Diamond: 3 Perfect Reasons to Choose

There are a plethora of reasons that can explain why a 5 carat diamond is an ideal pick. 

Here are some of these

1. A Little For Everyone 

Are you someone who is inclined to big diamonds? Or someone who is always attracted to the shine of the diamond? A 5 carat diamond can satisfy you! It is huge, and that's what keeps "How big is a 5 carat diamond?" a hot question among diamond lovers! 

Apart from this, it suits ladies of every age, class, and style and also never fails to accompany handsome hunks. It can be royal as well as lowkey. It all depends on the style and design you pick your 5 carat diamond in! 

2. Perfect to Seal the Deal! 

A promise of forever, a deal to seal the lifetimes of togetherness, a 5-carat diamond can be ideal for all occasions! It is highly appreciated by brides all around in the form of their engagement ring. And the way this sits on the fingers of brides can immediately make their D-day extra special and memorable!

But the charm of a 5 carat diamond does not last here! The trendy hip-hop jewelry can also be bought in a 5-carat diamond with unlimited style and a cool vibe! 

3. Designs That Make You Drool! 

A 5 carat diamond can take a lot of shapes. A heart, square, brilliant round cut or pear or emerald cut shape, this can be a delight to the eyes in a range of designs. And the availability of 5-carat diamonds in a plethora of hip-hop jewelry options is also one-factor diamond lovers prefer! 

This also answers the "how big are 5 carats?" and keeps diamond lovers interested and inclined toward itself! 

Buy 5-carat diamond jewelry at the best price

We understand your concern about getting your loving diamond at the best price. That's why we're here with our exclusive prices that get you the perfect deal for your 5-carat diamond purchase! And, the range of designs and big rings never lets you doubt how big they are, 5 carats.

To know more about the 5-carat designs, styles, colors, and clarity available, go to our product page and place your order today!

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