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Is Buying Jewelry a Good Investment? What You Should Know?

January 26, 2023 9 min read
Is Buying Jewelry a Good Investment? What You Should Know?

Is Buying Jewelry a Good Investment? What You Should Know?

Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

It's a studded family event or a long-awaited get-together. Think of the best gift you would wish to give to your mother, sister, girlfriend, or even your handsome father. And think what would be the most ideal gift for you? 

Yeah, yeah, we know jewelry bumped into your head first and this seems to be the first choice! 

But, not only for gifting whenever you think of buying something for yourself or to pamper your glamorous self, jewelry sounds the safest and best option!  

But, is it worth it? Is it worth giving jewelry as a gift or buying it for yourself? Or in other words, is buying jewelry a good investment? Can it provide returns? 

We are here to clear the air. But, first, let’s discuss why it is even a debate!

Why is Jewelry Investment a Question? 

Jewelry is something everyone gets obsessed with so easily. Be it man or woman, jewelry is on everyone's special’s list now. And, often jewelry fanatics feel Not any amount of jewelry is too much jewelry

But, believe it or not, obsession is not considered cool every time. Moreover, when it comes to looking at it as an investment, jewelry indeed has some positives. Let’s discuss them briefly before removing on which type of jewelry can be an investment- 

  • Mitigate the Risks!

It is often said that investing in jewelry is less prone to risks. This is because it is free of any permanent capital loss. But, this further boils down if you get it right or pure metal form. We will discuss the factors that can make any jewelry a right investment later in this blog! 

  • Universally Accepted Investment

Stocks, Currency, Bonds, and Banks can be country specific and can become a problem if you need money on urgent basis in any part of the world. That’s where jewelry becomes a safe option to invest in. If the jewelry you have meets the quality standards, you can get returns anywhere in the world.  No dependence on currencies, borders and location.  

  • Value, Value and Value! 

Gemstones, precious metals like gold, and diamond have values and it has kept increasing in the long run. Both in real commercial and retails markets. That’s what makes these one of the safest and beneficial options to invest in! Further, the value or price of these stones fluctuate a lot and you can take advantage of the price cycle and get good returns when the price is high! 

But, do all these factors make jewelry a worth investment? 

It Depends! 

Yeah, the answer to the question “is buying jewelry a good investment” is clearly personal and might have subjective answers. For a person who is into collecting rare metals, and is a fan of exquisite designs, Jewelry might sound more than an investment. But, if we discuss it from the perspective of “investment” that can provide returns, things aren't the same anymore. 

This demands discussing it further than being just an Obsession or fondness. Let's discuss it in terms of Investment! 

Jewelry as a “Worthy” Investment! 

When we say something is an investment, we usually expect returns. And, same goes for precious jewelry. It is of no surprise how expensive jewelry can be. It can cost us our monthly savings and sometimes more also. Especially when we buy exotic designs like hip-hop style jewelry, get our diamond jewelry customized, buy pendants with significance, get our hands on giant rings, and whatnot, the costs can vary a lot! 

And, sometimes, this can push the price of jewelry to extremes. But, this is also what makes it worth buying! What if we tell you that every piece of jewelry can be worth buying? How will you feel if we tell you that if you buy from the right providers you can make your jewelry shopping a worthy investment for a lifetime? Here are some of the factors that can make your jewelry buying a “worthy” investment:

  • Is it Gold or Diamond? 

Which one is more valuable as an investment? The answer is Both have their own value and price scale. Compared to other commodities, Gold is one of the most valuable metals to invest in. Apart from being universally accepted, it even gives a hedge against inflation. Whenever the cost of living has increased, gold’s prices have also increased with it. This makes it one of the best choices available! 

But that doesn’t mean diamonds are not a good investment. Both gold and diamond value changes over time. Sometimes, it's gold that can give more returns, and sometimes it's a diamond. 

So, if you would ask “Is diamond jewelry a good investment”, the answer lies in at what time you ask this! What is the market value of diamonds at that time? Is it at a reasonable price range, or is it way overvalued? Once you get in the markets, you will start understanding what is the market scenario of diamonds at that time? This would decide the value of your diamond jewelry to a great extent. 

But, smart advice says if you want to get decent returns with safety as well, then the combination of gold and diamond jewelry is a better option. This can ensure good returns and can make your diamond jewelry a positive “investment”!

  • How Pure is It? 

The jewelry business is prone to fraud, and selling scammed pieces. And, sometimes no matter how hard the brand beats the drums about its quality, customers get fooled! Therefore, it is of utmost importance to buy it from the right providers whenever you buy it! The one which sells trusted, and certified quality jewelry. This can help you get expected returns whenever you decide to get some!

Before purity check, you can also determine if the diamond is real or fake just like you can check if diamond tennis bracelets is real or fake.

A thumb rule to remember: If the prices are so attractive that you have never seen an offer like this before, then it is because the offer is not real.

If you are fond of diamond jewelry and want to invest in diamonds, one such genuine provider is NETCARAT. It is trusted for its quality, uncompromised purity, and exotic designs parallel to both the fashion and traditional world. This makes it one of the best diamond sellers in terms of purity, variety, and range of jewelry pieces, designs, and even trends. You can hop on its official website or visit the NETCARAT store to know more! 

  • Is it Easy to Maintain?

Generally, How much return you can get from your favorite jewelry piece also depends on how maintained it is! And, therefore, this is one of the factors when discussing the “is buying jewelry a good investment?” debate. 

Jewelry can be said to be maintained depending on various factors. Is the design still visible? How about the joints and design detailing? Is it in “wearable” condition? All this can fluctuate your jewelry value a lot in the real market. This can also increase or decrease your chances of getting high rates from jewelry providers. But, how can you keep your jewelry maintained? 

This also has the answer of buying smartly. Some designs and styles of jewelry need less maintenance while some can cost you effort as well as more bucks too. To further underline, it is therefore advised to buy designs that need less maintenance. These can be simple diamond hoops, rope cut chains, and simple pendants like Jesus' cross designs! 

  • Is it in Trend? 

If there’s one thing that defeats everything, that is a trend! It is no surprise that jewelry trends go in and out. What’s in trend today might go in thin air tomorrow. And, this is one of those reasons that make jewelry investment risky. What if the piece you invest in goes out of headlines tomorrow? What if the return you are expecting goes in vain? This is what highlights the importance of trendy jewelry pieces. 

If the jewelry piece you are looking to sell is still in trend, you can get high prices. But, if that piece is way out of trend and is considered “a thing of the past design”, chances are less you will get satisfying returns. Considering this aspect can make your jewelry buying a smart decision! 

Talking about recent modern times, the jewelry that is much in trend is Hip hop style rappers’ inspired jewelry. Be it studs, quirky pendants, rings, and funky chains, hip-hop-style jewelry is on everyone’s favorites list these days. So, if you wanna get some always-in-trend pieces in your collection, explore hip-hop-style diamond jewelry today! 

  • Is it a Rare Piece of Jewelry? 

It is often advised to buy rare jewelry pieces. Jewelry pieces can be said to be rare because of the diamond type they are made of, and the design they are precisely cut into! These factors can make a jewelry piece rare and if you go buying rare diamond jewelry, chances are high your jewelry will be valued even in later years to provide you the best returns! 

So, always go for jewelry designs that are rare and exquisite. These can be customized or maybe, invest in different colored diamonds, diamonds from specific areas, jewelry with heavy carat values, pendants with significance, worn by superstars or celebrities, and so forth!

  • Do You Love it? 

Forget about the monetary returns for a second! Rewind and think of the time you loved a jewelry piece so much that you cannot take your eyes off it. That moment is the best investment! 

“Chocolates and Flowers die and get eaten, but Jewelry is forever!”

One more thing that makes jewelry shopping an investment is that it makes you feel good. It makes you feel confident, gorgeous, and content in so many ways. Apart from the monetary and return benefits it can have, the happiness it gives you when you buy your favorite piece of jewelry is unrivaled. And, we second that this might be the best reason to invest in Jewelry! 

So, if someone asks you, “is diamond jewelry a good investment”, scream YES! 

Are You Ready to Invest in Jewelry? 

If you are someone who likes to invest in things and are also a jewelry enthusiast, this is your time to get monetary benefits from your jewelry obsession. 

Buy the right pieces, invest in the original and the right quality, get exquisite designs, and you will get your desired returns. But all this boils down if you buy it from the right providers. And, NETCARAT is there to help you. With the excellent quality, premium purity, and designs that speak volumes and stay magnificent lifelong, Netacrat promises to satisfy your jewelry cravings. Explore the range of pendants, rings, bracelets, and some rare hip-hop-style jewelry! 

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