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Which Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut? Find Out Now

November 12, 2022 6 min read
Which Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut? Find Out Now

Which Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut? Find Out Now

What Is the Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

Diamonds are running contenders of the "world's most precious elements"! These gemstones' shine, grace, charm, and luxury cannot be escaped. Not only these, but diamonds also become the holder's immediate favorite.

Be it girls, boys of today's modern times, or people of the Gen Z generation, diamonds buy the spotlight. But, not anyone who is a diamond fanatic can afford these luxurious and royal trinkets. The reason is the expensive amount one has to pay to get their hands on diamonds! 

But, Are All Diamonds Expensive? 

Put a smile on your face because not all diamonds will empty your pocket!

The price of diamonds depends on a range of factors. The carat, like this 9-carat diamond worth or cut, quality, and weight of the stone are some of those factors. Out of these, we'll discuss how the cut of the diamonds influences the price. And what is the most expensive diamond cut? But let's begin with the basics!

Why is the Cut of the Diamond Considered Important?  

Cut of the diamond is essential to decide the sparkles, brilliance, and light reflection of the stone. It becomes significant as this is the step after the rough diamond cut. During this step, the diamond is opaque and does not reflect iridescence or charm.

Further finishing the cut improves the refraction, and the diamond gets its characteristics and most talked about shine and charm! Everything matters in this process, size, angles, and shapes. And it is this cut that imparts how flawless and sparkling a diamond will look.

We now know how important a cut of diamonds can be, but to know the most valuable cut of diamonds, it is paramount to comprehend the cut grades of a diamond!

Cut Grade? What's that? 

Cut grade is a grade assigned to each diamond by GIA. It can greatly impact a diamond's price, preferability, and craze among buyers. So, to understand the most expensive cut of diamonds, let's dive deep into cut grades! 

  • Excellent Cut Grade 

Image Source: Gemone

A diamond cut is said to be excellent when crafted immensely perfectly and precisely. Unfortunately, this cut is achieved in only 3% of all the world's diamonds. Excellent cut grade diamond cut makes diamond extra shiny and sparkling as very little, or no light gets wasted and penetrates evenly.

This gives diamonds it difficult to take their eyes off brilliance and is therefore in the run of the most expensive diamond cut!

  • Very Good Cut Grade

Very Good Diamond Cut

Image Source: Genome

Diamonds craft leverages very good cut grades of diamond to unleash its complete awesomeness! With minimal light leakage, this cut enhances diamonds' shine and charisma. With the right combination of color, clarity, and carat, a very good cut-grade diamond can lie in your budget. Around 15% of the world's diamonds are of a very good cut grade! 

But wait! Are you also one of those people who is figuring out how excellent and very good diamond cut grades differ? Well, the answer is the latter has some dark spots! 

  • Good Cut Grade

Good Diamond Cut

Image Source: Gemone

If you need a diamond with good sparkle and are constricted on budget, the diamond with a good cut grade can be your savior! 

With efficient light capture tendency and superior sparkle, diamonds of good cut pronounce quality for the price. Out of all diamonds out there, roughly 25% of diamonds are said to have a good cut grade! 

  • Fair & Poor Cut Grade 

Fair and Poor Diamond Cuts

Image Source: Gemone

Diamonds that get fair and poor cut grades are of low quality and have light leakage; This limits the shine and iridescence of diamonds. This also explains the limited brilliance of these diamonds. Generally, jewelry experts advise avoiding diamonds of fair and poor cut grade quality due to obvious reasons! 

This was all about the cut grade of diamonds. But are you curious about how GIA decides which diamond is of what cut grade? How do they reach a conclusion of good cut or excellent cut? We've got answers to your curiosity! 

How are the Cut Grades Compared? 

There is a range of factors that explains why any diamond cut is said to be good or excellent. Here are some of the factors! 

  • Price 

This probably tops the list for most jewelry makers! 

The cost per carat is generally interpreted by how much stone is wasted during cutting. On this basis, Asscher and Emerald's cuts are said to be the least expensive ones! These cuts lose only around 20% of the rough stone while cutting.

  • Face-Up Size 

This is also called table-up! 

Face-up size or table up is the measurement of how massive the surface area appears when one looks from the top of the stone in its setting! This becomes significant if you are looking for big or giant diamonds. This also plays an important role while deciding the final shape of the diamond.

To conclude, the larger the face up will be for a diamond, the less will be the depth of the stone, and as a result, the diamond will impart more brilliance and shine! But, this nowhere means that diamonds with lower face-up sizes are poor in shine. It's all a matter of balance between shine, face-up size, shape, and cut!

  • Clarity

What beauty is a diamond if it is not clear or free of imperfections?

And this makes clarity an important factor while describing diamonds with the excellent cut grade or good cut grade description. Depending on the clarity scale of diamonds, there are ranges from cleanest to most included. Some of the cuts with high clarity are Asscher and Emerald, revealing or letting everything within the stone be highlighted. Thus, it is said to be wise to go with more highly-faceted cuts if diamond stones have lower clarity! 

  • Chipping Potential

Being so precious, diamonds are also prone to chipping and breakage. But, if you choose your design, shape, and cut wisely, you can lower the vulnerability of diamonds to get damaged! For instance, diamonds with points and inclusions are sensitive to chipping and sudden breakage.

This is because the pointed design mitigates internal structural support leading to rapid breakages and damages. Therefore, many jewelry designers advise setting up prongs over the edges. This diminishes the sensitivity!  

All these factors decide the cut grade of a diamond. But, depending on these factors, which is the most expensive diamond cut?

Most Expensive Diamond Cut

Generally, the brilliant round cut is said to be the most expensive diamond cut. With intense brilliance and grace, this diamond enunciates luxury and perfection. But, let's take a look at the details! 

When in making, the round-cut diamond wastes about 60% of the rough stone. And, out of all the diamonds sold worldwide, 75% are round cut. It is liked by diamond possessors as it oozes charm and grace, and immediately heightens the overall look of diamond jewelry! 

It has best-of-class brilliance which makes it look larger than its actual size. And, it has been around for almost 600 years. Be it in a design, or as a solitaire setting, round-cut diamonds look graceful and flawless.

What Now? 

You now know which is the most expensive diamond cut! Not only this, but you also know the factors which decide the price of a diamond, and the descriptions given to cut grades. It's time to get your hands on the most valuable cut of diamonds! 

If you want to get certified quality without any compromises on charm, brilliance, and perfection, get it online from Netcarat. This reduces any supply chain price additions and delivers high-end quality diamonds right to your doorstep. And, guess what? At the best possible prices!

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