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Nothing beats the classic-styled chains that glisten around the neck. Explore our gold blings that steal the show.
  1. Lustrous Cuban Link Chain Lustrous Cuban Link Chain
    Lustrous Cuban Link Chain
    $10,899 As low as As low as $10,899
  2. Gold Cuban Street Chain Gold Cuban Street Chain
    Gold Cuban Street Chain
    $4,549 As low as As low as $4,549
  3. Cuban Flex Chain Cuban Flex Chain
    Cuban Flex Chain
    $849 As low as As low as $849 $999 $999
  4. Cuban Lock Chain
    Cuban Lock Chain
    $1,499 As low as As low as $1,499

Life isn’t perfect but your jewelry can be!

People have worn chains for generations. There are so many different materials, sizes, types, and styles for chains that there is sure to be one that interests you. You can wear a chain by itself or use it to hold a pendant.

Explore to shop from the range of chains in white gold, rose gold and gold. Shop from our wide range of beautiful contemporary and ethnic gold chains.

Different types of real gold chains

Due to a large number of types of chains, it can be difficult to make a final selection. It is helpful to know details about the many options available to you.

Mariner Chain

This mariner link chain was inspired by those in the nautical world. The design mimics the chains that are attached to anchors on a boat. If you love the sea or beach, this could be the chain for you. It has ovals that interlock with a bar that goes across the middle of each oval. This is a strong type of link and comes in various widths.

Cuban Chain

The gold cuban link chain is a classic and timeless design. It is a basic chain that is made from links that are all the same size and connected together. The links can be oval or round in shape. These links lay flat against you, even after they have been locked together. They can have a heavy look to them. They are chunky and appeal to men.

Cable chain

The cable chains are basic style chains and mimic iron chains that were used for prisoners or various other reasons like to anchor a ship. The cable chain is created by oval links that are exactly the same and connected together. The links of the chain can be flattened, so the chain is flat. The links stay round, and the wire is textured.

Rope chain

The gold rope chains are one of the most common chains around the world. It has metal segments or links that are twisted around each other to mimic the look of a rope. It has a textured look, and the way that the metal is twisted reflects the light and appears shiny. These chains are durable and strong.

Wheat chain

The goldwheat chain is also referred to as a Spiga chain. This chain has oval links that are twisted together and look similar to a braided rope. The design of this chain creates a symmetrical chain with the links going in all the same direction. This chain has a large amount of texture.

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