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From everyday wearables to party chunks, we have got you covered. Browse through styles of crosses, keepsakes, stars, initials, wildlife, hearts and more.
  1. Halo Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Halo Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $2,199 As low as As low as $2,199
  2. Lovely Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Lovely Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $1,299 As low as As low as $1,299
  3. Kodak Moment Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Kodak Moment Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $1,999 As low as As low as $1,999
  4. Brilliant Cross Diamond Pendant
    Brilliant Cross Diamond Pendant
    $1,529 As low as As low as $1,529 $1,699 $1,699
  5. Love gold. Live golden.
    Explore love collection
  6. Luxe Cross Diamond Pendant
    Luxe Cross Diamond Pendant
    $674 As low as As low as $674 $749 $749
  7. Godly Cross Diamond Pendant
    Godly Cross Diamond Pendant
    $989 As low as As low as $989 $1,099 $1,099
  8. Holy Cross Diamond Pendant
    Holy Cross Diamond Pendant
    $1,034 As low as As low as $1,034 $1,149 $1,149
  9. Icy Crowned B Diamond Pendant
    Icy Crowned B Diamond Pendant
    $15,799 As low as As low as $15,799
  10. Icy Nike Diamond Pendant
    Icy Nike Diamond Pendant
    $4,299 As low as As low as $4,299
  11. Glinting Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Glinting Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $2,999 As low as As low as $2,999
  12. Crescent Moon Diamond Pendant
    Crescent Moon Diamond Pendant
    $1,249 As low as As low as $1,249
  13. Maxi Rizzy Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Maxi Rizzy Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $1,799 As low as As low as $1,799

How do pendants make a difference in your look?

Pendants have been around for as long as people. Derived from the ancient practice of wearing talismans and amulets around the neck, the first pendants were worn during the stone age and used objects such as teeth, stones or shells. Through time, pendants have evolved through cultures and civilizations to mean different things. 

The 19th century revolution in pendant motif design spread across Europe and inspired the modern-day form of pendants. And the rest is history! 

Different types of diamond pendants

  • Letter pendants

    Another stellar idea for a pendant for men/women is alphabet pendants. Whether a simple letter or a custom-shaped initial, the alphabet pendant has become a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe for the simple reason that it gives the wearer the power to present their authentic selves.

  • Pendants with motifs

    Jewelry has always held a special place in the world of expression donning exquisite pieces from time to time. Every genre has its own line of pendant designs that are appreciated. For example, hip hop has always gravitated toward chunkier, diamond and gold pendants while pop artists are found to prefer versatile pendant set designs that are delicate and unique. We have urban pendants with a variety of motifs that includes stars, animals, flowers, picture frames, love, sports, music and more.

  • Religious pendants

    Jewelry has always been used to represent a person’s faith. One of the earliest known pendants belonged to Charlemagne and contained the relics of the cross and a crown of thorns under a sapphire and set with gold. Apart from Christianity, Islam, Taoism and other faiths also have some symbols of their faith that are adapted into pendant designs and adorned.

  • Diamond pendants

    Diamonds in any form accentuate your best features and are your best friends. Diamond pendants symbolize eternity and ethereal beauty. You can also customize with a centerpiece of your entire look. Add a string of your birthstones and elevate the overall profile. Or you could buy solitaire pendants online for everyday wear.

  • Pendant sets

    Pair any attire with a few choicest must-have pendants. Look beyond the quintessential with gold and diamond pendants and to glam up your whole do.

Shop as you like

  • Pendants for women

    Do you have a long neck? Or maybe it is short? This is important because it helps determine the size of the pendant that would look better on you. Usually, people with longer necks are advised to pick diamond pendants that are smaller so as to de-emphasize the length of the neck, along with wearing them with a smaller chain. Conversely, women with smaller necks can choose medium to large size diamond pendants and a longer chain. Another thing to consider is the dress and the occasion you are pairing the pendant with.

  • Pendants for men

  • Historically, men have also worn pendants. Typically, they wear smaller pendants and just on their collar bones but if you’re in the mood for being positively dramatic, you could choose a bigger, chunkier pendant design to wear it just below the collarbone or even with a longer chain.

  • Pendants for kids

    It’s best to keep kids’ pendants simple and light. It gives them room to experiment and up their game as and when they feel ready. Jewelry is a means of self-expression and gold pendants for girls are a great way for them to find out what they like best. Pendants for girls have been in vogue and usually use motifs like floral designs, cute animals, initials and more. The best way to help kids learn more about pendants and their preferences is to start small.

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