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Sparkling diamonds in studs, hoops, huggies and danglers. Explore our mammoth range of earrings to discover your swagger.
  1. Triple Bling Diamond Earrings
    Triple Bling Diamond Earrings
    $349 As low as As low as $349
  2. Killer Dagger Diamond Earrings
    Killer Dagger Diamond Earrings
    $1,299 As low as As low as $1,299
  3. Bussing Round Diamond Earrings
    Bussing Round Diamond Earrings
    $899 As low as As low as $899
  4. Punky Round Diamond Earrings
    Punky Round Diamond Earrings
    $549 As low as As low as $549
  5. Cool off with ice
    Explore jewelry
  6. Glary Round Diamond Earrings
    Glary Round Diamond Earrings
    $12,299 As low as As low as $12,299
  7. Club Charm Diamond Earrings Club Charm Diamond Earrings
    Club Charm Diamond Earrings
    $2,399 As low as As low as $2,399

You’re never fully dressed without earrings!

Earrings and the practice of wearing earrings has been around for a very long time. During different civilizations they were worn by the different genders and held many different significance. For us, wearing earrings is an expression of our aesthetic and cultural history, a showcase of our craft and the treasure of designs.

At NETCARAT, we bring you collections of statement diamond earrings that display the best of the diversity in technique, design, and innovation in India. Every earring is crafted with unique care to adorn every unique face.

Different types of diamond earrings

  • Drop earrings

    Diamond drop earrings are those that literally just drop beads or charms below your earlobe and are usually simple and elegant pieces. These earrings do not show as much movement as compared to a pair of long earrings, but they are made for the perfect daywear or office wear. Drop earrings are distinctly different from dangle earrings in the way that the length of the drop varies between the two. A drop earring sits more closely and snugly next to your earlobe and the statement piece attached does not carry a lot of weight.

  • Stud earrings

    Petite earrings that sit snugly on top of your earlobe are called diamond stud earrings. They don’t drop down, loop backward or climb upward. Typically, they are simple, chic and yet display exclusive earrings designs, mostly in diamonds.

  • Dangler earrings

    Diamond dangle earrings are the type of earrings you may see swing from side to side. Generally speaking, dangle earrings hang below the earlobes and sway as a person speaks or moves. The length of this style of earring truly varies

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