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9 Carat Diamond: How Much Is 9-Carat Diamond Really Worth?

November 10, 2022 6 min read
9 Carat Diamond: How Much Is 9-Carat Diamond Really Worth?

9 Carat Diamond: How Much Is 9-Carat Diamond Really Worth?

9-Carat Diamond - How Much Does It Worth?

Diamonds are no doubt considered one of the most valuable possessions. Be it for men or women; everyone loves to have jewelry made of diamonds in their closet. But no two diamonds are the same! And believe us when we say it, some diamonds are rare. So rare, they can take your jewelry collection to luxurious assemblage in minutes! 

One such type of diamond is a 9-carat diamond! 

9-Carat Diamond? Woohoo! 

Yes, that is exactly the excitement level when one gets their hands on a 9-carat diamond. Considered one of the rare diamonds and is 1.8 grams in size generally, it is a massive piece with unmatchable iridescence and excellent clarity, and charisma. 

It can complement your personality for a day affair or gain all the attention under moonlight and stars. This massive 9-carat diamond ring can be your ultimate win whenever you want to steal hearts! 

But, How Massive is a 9-Carat Diamond? 

9-carat diamond size is one of its unique and most talked about features. According to calculations and a standard size chart, a large round-cut 9-carat diamond would be roughly 13.20 mm in diameter. And, with the clarity it possesses, this can be no less than a previous gem!

Be it the engagement ring or a birthday present, a 9-carat diamond can quickly become anyone’s favorite gift! But, it doesn't come easy! 

A 9-carat diamond can cost you many bucks. Maybe many thousands more than your regular diamond! So, How much is a 9-carat diamond worth? 

The Price Guide

Generally, diamonds are priced according to 4C’s. These are clarity, carat weight, cut, and color. And the higher and better the quality of 4C is, the more expensive the diamond will be! But there’s more! 

If you’re gonna buy a 9-carat diamond, remember that there can be a huge difference between the retail and wholesale prices. While the average wholesale price of a 9-carat diamond can be between $123,201 and $1,804,815, retail prices can be different! 

But, How is the Price Decided? 

There is a range of factors on which price can vary. The first is 4C, and the second is multiplying the price per carat value by 9! Apart from this, the shape can also (to some extent) decide the price of a diamond. So, to comprehend what will be the exact price, refer to the price table of the 9-carat diamond price according to the shape and clarity range.

But not every price you pay for a 9-carat diamond will be worth it. You have to look for some specific components to get the best price for your diamond! 

So, How to Get the Best Price? 

Brutally honest, there is no “best price” for a 9-carat diamond. There are a lot of factors that influence it. It depends on the clarity, color, shape, and cut. Let’s discuss these factors in detail- 

  • Carat Weight 

It is one of the primary reasons that can decide the price of the diamond. Carat, however, is decided by the weight of the diamond. Here is one example of a diamond pendant's cost. Also the heavier the stone, the more the carat, and accordingly higher will be the price!

And, as a 9-carat is a rare size of a diamond, it can surely cost you hefty bucks!

  • Clarity of the Diamond 

It depicts how clean the stone of the diamond is! 

A high-grade diamond (said to be of high clarity) has fewer imperfections and flaws than a diamond of low-grade clarity. But things become complicated here. When one says “free of flaws” or “imperfections,” it is about when perceived by the naked eye. And, you specifically do not need to look for a diamond of the highest clarity, but look for the one that appears “flawless”. Because the larger the stone, the more impurities or imperfections can be seen

  • Color of the Diamond! 

Color is also an important aspect to be considered when purchasing a 9ct diamond. As there is only a certain degree to which colors can be seen on diamonds, the diamonds are differentiated based on grade D to Z from increasing color intensity! 

Here, prices can vary. If you are looking for an affordable option, diamonds of grade between G and I can be good options as these are of high quality and not that harsh on the pocket. But, if you can spend some hefty bucks to buy a 9-carat diamond that speaks luxury, diamonds ranging from D to F can be your ultimate pick! 

  • Diamond Cut and Shape 

We know you need your favorite design ring in diamonds! That’s why diamonds are crafted in a plethora of shapes and cuts. People can also get this customized! 

But, to begin with, a round-cut diamond can cost you some extra dollars than a diamond of any other shape like a marquise cut, cushion cut, and so forth! This depends on raw diamonds wasted during cutting.

But is knowing the shape, color, and carat enough to make the right decision when buying a 9-carat diamond? We’re afraid it’s not

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a 9-Carat Diamond! 

  • Wanna Compromise? Do it Carefully! 

While buying a 9ct diamond ring, you might have to make some compromises to keep things on the budget radar. But make sure you compromise on the right things. Don’t go for the lowest-priced diamond blindly. Instead, find a fair deal! 

  • Remember to See it Before Giving the Final Nod!

Diamond sellers know people are diamond fanatics. And, therefore, present pictures of diamond rings and 9-carat diamond jewelry that are difficult to take eyes from. This is the bait

Therefore, always remember to see the diamond yourself before making a final decision. Look at the cut of the diamond, clarity, and color reflections carefully before you decide to buy the 9ct diamond! 

  • Do your Homework!

We all know how tricky it can be to buy diamonds, especially for people who are novices in diamond obsession! 

This makes doing appropriate homework and sheer research utmost necessary. For this, comprehend the price charts, and go through the ways to check the purity, cut, and carat value of diamonds. This would help you get the diamond of quality you would pay for! 

  • Look For the Right Seller! 

This is one of the most critical steps when buying a 9-carat diamond. To ensure you don’t get trapped in the marketing promises of diamond dealers, buy it from trusted and reliable online diamond jewelry makers such as Netcarat! Bringing in the authenticity of diamonds in modern designs, Netcarat is one of the most trusted diamond jewelry sellers. Buying it from Netcarat can also let you save some dollars as it is delivered directly to you! Mitigating all those supply chain procedures! 

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Ready to Buy Your 9-Carat Diamond?

After knowing the factors to look for and things to keep in mind while buying a 9ct diamond, you now must be clear on How much is a 9ct diamond worth? 

It indeed is one of the dear possessions to add to your closet. But not by paying an unfair amount and getting compromised quality in return. This makes it important to run your research, consider a range of factors, and so forth. Because diamonds are not only a piece of jewelry, they speak of luxury, comfort, and iridescence!

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