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Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Sparkle?

November 12, 2022 7 min read
Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Sparkle?

Which Diamond Cut Has The Most Sparkle?

"Shine like a Diamond!"

You must have often heard this. But do you know why people say this? This is because diamonds shine brightly. The charisma, charm, and characteristic sparkle of the diamond can never be neglected. And, therefore it is said that nothing can beat the sparkle of a diamond.

But there's more!

If you are someone who is a diamond enthusiast and have explored a range of diamond jewelry, and gemstones, you would agree that not each diamond sparkles the same. The carat, weight of the stone, quality, color, size, and other ranges of factors influence its shine and sparkle. One of these most significant factors is the cut of a diamond! 

Does a Diamond's Cut Make it Sparkle?

Yes, we know it's surprising, but it is the cut of the diamond that decides how much it will shine and sparkle! This also explains why not every diamond takes away your breath, and only a few become residents of your heart. To comprehend this, we need to touch the basics! To begin with, let's understand how diamonds sparkle.

How Do Diamonds Sparkle and Twinkle?

How much a diamond will shine depends on its ability to take up light and reflect. The more light the diamond reflects, the more shining and sparkling it will appear.

And, because the ability to reflect light depends on the facets of the diamonds, the cut and shape of the diamond become significant. If a diamond smith wants it to sparkle more, the diamonds are cut in such a manner it reflects more light and therefore sparkles more. This also increases the brilliance of the diamonds and, in turn, elevates the affection for these precious gemstones.

But, as mentioned before, not each diamond sparkles the same, and depending on the cut, some diamonds shine more than others. Now, Let's comprehend which cut of the diamond sparkles the most! 

The Round Brilliant Cut: The Diamond Cut With the Most Sparkle

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

Image Source: Adobe Stock

The answer to which diamond cut sparkles the most is the brilliant round cut! 

The round brilliant cut is the shiniest and most sparkling cut of the diamonds. It is cut carefully and precisely with 58 facets (along with a culet). This allows light that enters a diamond to get reflected from each facet which in turn makes it ever-sparkling and immensely iridescent! This highlights the diamond's allure even more. And that's what round brilliant cuts are designed for; to unleash the diamond's complete charm and grace! It is used to craft diamonds into beautiful rings, hip-hop jewelry selections, and also as part of a necklace! 

Therefore, if you want to amaze your loved one with the most sparkly diamond cut and twinkling diamond jewelry, consider gifting a round brilliant-cut diamond. But does gifting a diamond with a round cut would be enough?

There's more! 

Along with the cut of the diamond, other factors such as clarity and colors also affect it. That's where there can be different types of diamonds. These can typically be Ia, IIa, Ib, or IIb diamonds. The right combination of diamond type and cut can give you the sparkling diamond you desire! 

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    Vibing Brilliant Diamond Ring
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    Brilliant Cut Cross Diamond Pendant
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  3. Classic Brilliant Diamond Ring
    Classic Brilliant Diamond Ring
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Does This Means That Other Diamond Cuts Lack Sparkle?

Not necessarily! Different diamond cuts sparkle differently. But, it doesn't mean that "Only" a round brilliant diamond cut can impress. There are diverse sparkle patterns in diamonds.

For instance, after round cut diamond, Princess cut, cushion cut, radiant cut, oval cut, heart cut, marquise cut, and pear cut sparkle the most. And, down the line, we can have an emerald cut and an Asscher cut which sparkles satisfyingly but not that brilliantly! 

9 Types of Diamond Cuts that Sparkle

 Let's discuss these cut shapes in brief! 

1. Princess Cut 

Princess Cut Diamond

Image Source: Diamond Hedge

This is also in the list of which diamond cut sparkles the most! Beautifully crafted, the Princess cut is in the shape of a square or nearly rectangular. It reflects light through its 58 facets and gives us the characteristic sparkle of a diamond. The diamond of this cut is often used in engagement rings with a touch of solitaire design.

So, if you are planning to propose to your better half this weekend, buy a princess-cut diamond engagement ring from an online store such as Netcarat

2. Heart Cut 

Heart Cut Diamond

Image Source: iStock

Next in the line is a spectacular heart-cut diamond. This cut, in the shape of a heart, has nearly 56 or 58 facets. This explains why this cut shines gorgeously. But, as said widely, Perfection takes time! Mining and shaping a heart-cut diamond is a challenging process that can only be done precisely by expert diamond crafters.

It is therefore said as the best cut for diamond sparkle by some jewelry crafters, as it looks immensely graceful and romantic! 

3. Marquise Cut 

Marquise Cut Diamond

Image Source: Depositphotos

This cut of a diamond is of a long narrow shape. It has 56 facets which reflect enough light to leave you awestruck with its twinkle and charm. What's more impressive about this cut is that along with its mesmerizing sparkle, it also looks a little larger than a regular diamond cut of similar carat weight!

This cut comes from the 18th century and is loved immensely even in today's modern times.

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    Swanky Marquise Diamond Ring
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4. Pear Cut 

Pear Cut Diamond

Image Source: iStock

Crafted beautifully in the shape of a pear, the pear cut also has 58 facets. But, even with 58 facets (same as of brilliant round cut), parachute diamond fails to sparkle to that extent as it is often poorly crafted. And achieving that precision in crafting a Pear shape is difficult, like dodging a bullet! 

But this is immensely loved due to its unique and "immediately loved by millions" shape! 

5. Oval Cut 

Oval Cut Diamond

Image Source: ANNA

A precisely cut diamond in an oval shape can steal the limelight straight away. Though not the top contender of what diamond cut sparkles the most, the Oval cut diamond has 56 facets that reflect light that, makes this diamond alluring and sparkling to the eyes. This also is a hot favorite of some couples to mark their forever love! 

6. Cushion Cut 

Cushion Cut Diamond

Image Source: Silver Spring Jewelry

The diamond crafted in a cushion cut is gorgeous and radiates luxury and class. It is good at reflecting light and therefore shines brightly. This is preferred by diamond lovers as it provides significant brilliance at a low price per carat, depending on other diamond cuts.

  1. Laced Cushion Diamond Ring Laced Cushion Diamond Ring
    Laced Cushion Diamond Ring
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  2. Killah Cushion Diamond Earrings Killah Cushion Diamond Earrings
    Killah Cushion Diamond Earrings
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7. Radiant Cut 

Radiant Cut Diamond

Image Source: Martin Jewelry

This is an amalgamation of all bests from round brilliant cut and emerald cut. Though it has 70 facets in its design, it doesn't match the brilliance of both designs. But it surely provides a satisfying charm! 

  1. Radiant Biggie Diamond Ring
    Radiant Biggie Diamond Ring
    $3,949 As low as As low as $3,949
  2. Halo Radiant Solitaire Diamond Ring
    Halo Radiant Solitaire Diamond Ring
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8. Asscher Cut 

Asscher Cut Diamond

Image Source: Goldsmith Jewelers

Diamonds with an Asscher cut don't sparkle much. But, these are well appreciated for their clarity and luster. This makes these cuts unique and elegant.

  1. Geared Asscher Diamond Ring
    Geared Asscher Diamond Ring
    $1,849 As low as As low as $1,849
  2. Asscher Cross Diamond Pendant
    Asscher Cross Diamond Pendant
    $2,834 As low as As low as $2,834 $4,049 $4,049

9. Emerald Cuts 

Emerald Cut Diamond

Image Source: Ring Concierge

Probably one of the last holders of what diamond cut sparkles the most, Emerald is similar to the Asscher cut when it comes to limited brilliance. It is of a larger surface area and is quite elongated. It has linear facets that limit its sparkle and shine.

These were all about the cuts of diamonds that decide how much sparkle your diamond will emit. But there's one more factor that decides your diamond's grace. And that is carat size. Different cuts can have different ideal carat size, which varies according to the size and shape of the diamond. So, have you decided which diamond cut you will buy to get the desired sparkle? But wait? Will that be in your budget? 

  1. Chic Emerald-cut Diamond Earrings
    Chic Emerald-cut Diamond Earrings
    $600 As low as As low as $600 $1,199 $1,199

Let's Talk About Prices!

When it comes to prices, different cut diamonds can cost you different bucks depending on the carats as well. At the same time, some might dig up your budget, while some can fit perfectly with your price range. To know more about the most sparkly diamond cut or which diamond cut is the most expensive, read it here! 

But, if you want to be in a secure place and explore a range of diamond jewelry that fits right in your budget with no compromises on quality and finish, hop on Netcarat right away. With the right hip-hop diamond jewelry, too, trendy pendants, rings, and whatnot! It offers the best prices by eliminating any extra supply chain cost additions and delivers your precious and favorite diamond jewelry right to you.

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