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Top Regions Specialize In Diamonds

November 12, 2022 6 min read
Top Regions Specialize In Diamonds

Top Regions Specialize In Diamonds

Be it a matter of love, friendship, or respect; diamonds have become the best way to express emotions. A son gifting diamond jewelry to his mother, a lover expressing his passion and marking forever with his girl with a diamond ring, or a daughter dedicating his father some diamond ornament; diamonds are for every occasion.

And why wouldn't they be? 

Diamonds are charming, iridescent, and ooze luxury and excellence. But have you ever thought about where diamonds come from? Where are diamonds most commonly found? No, we are not talking about the online store you bought your diamonds from! Instead, we are concerned about the initial steps of diamond production and mining! 

What? Initial Steps of Getting Diamonds? 

Initial Steps of Getting Diamonds

​​Image Source: Freepik

Yes! Diamonds are not produced and mined in the form you wear them. Not in the form of a shining, charming, and glamorous gemstone. It is derived from coal! 

We know you are amazed at how fine black coal can form a gemstone-like diamond with such brilliance, shine, and finish. This is made possible with mining processes with high temperature and high pressure performed with regulated procedures.

But does every coal lead to diamonds? 

No! The process and mining site decide a lot. That's where we encounter rare sites where diamonds are found! Or in other words, answers to the question "Where are diamonds most commonly found? And can be mined from. Let's discuss the regions which specialize in diamonds! 

  • Russia 

Russian Diamonds

Image Source: Getty Images

The next on the list of regions famous for diamond production is Russia. It is one of the main contenders on the list, as Russia is responsible for producing around 40 million carats of diamonds each year.

In Russia, there is a range of diamond mines. In total, it has around 12 open-pit mines. One of these is De Beers. It is responsible for major diamond production and can decide prices in the market up to some extent. Moving on, ALROSA is a state-owned company emerging as a leading producer of diamonds in Russia! It is responsible for gem-quality diamonds and also runs four underground diamond mines, fourteen alluvial placers, and five open-pit mines actively in Yakutia.

Considering the reserves, Russia has almost 608 million carats of diamond reserves. And recent estimations also suggest that it has over 972 million carats of diamond resources.

  • Botswana 

Botswana Diamonds

Image Source: GIA

When it comes to the quality of diamonds mined, Botswana is unbeatable!

It is a leading producer of diamonds as it has seven active diamond mines. One of these is Jwaneng which is on the list of wealthiest diamond mines, and Orapa is said to be one of the largest mines according to the area.

In Botswana, diamonds of wide quality, color, shapes, hues, sizes, and clarity are mined and produced. Further, these mines also produce gem-quality diamonds, including optimally-shaped dodecahedral gems with greenish covering and varied colorations. All this pushes it to the second in the list of largest diamond producer countries.

  • Canada 

Canada Diamond

Image Source: GIA

Canada is the world's fifth biggest diamond mining country. It has many active diamond mines. Some significant names in this list are Diavik, Victor, and Snap Lake.

Talking about stats! In 2013, Canada extracted around 10.6 million carats of diamonds. Canada is continuously setting up new diamond mines, and some of the under-development mines are Stornoway diamonds and Gahchokue'!

Some of the most famous diamonds mined from Canada are crystals, cubic forms, and coated diamonds. These are generally medium to tall white!

In the market, diamonds resourced from Canada are appreciated by buyers as these are not said to be" blood diamonds" because the work ethics and employees' interests are respected. But Canada does not only impress diamond buyers here. The stats are also impressive! 

According to the stats, Canada produces almost 10.6 million carats which value to be at $1.9 billion! 

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Diamonds

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Part of Central Africa, DRC or Zaire (originally named as) has massive mineral resources. And, of these minerals is; a precious gemstone: diamond. And it is said to be one of the significant and greatest diamond miners in Africa, which has given it a third position in the list of diamond mining countries and contenders for where are diamonds found! 

When it comes to the diamond output sharing in DRC, a major portion comes from the informal sector. Looking at the stats of 2018, it is noted that around 16.4 million carats of diamonds were mined, which was nearly $136.2 million value! But, in 2019, the number of diamonds mined took a jump and reached 19 million carats! 

  • Australia 

Australian Diamonds

Image Source: Western Australian Museum

A continent located in Oceania, Australia is one of the significant producers of diamonds and started mining diamonds commercially in 1981. It is ranked number 4 in a list of which region specializes in diamonds and is one of the regions where colored diamonds are mined. Diamonds of the color pink, red, and purple are quite famous in Australia. Apart from this, it also mines yellow diamonds in significant amounts! When it comes to the quality of diamonds mined in Australia, majorly, it is of low color and clarity.

One of the biggest diamond mines in Australia is Argyle. It is owned and operated by Rio Tinto. Argyle is an underground pit and is a leading producer of brown and pink diamonds. Moreover, the diamonds produced in the colors red, pink, and purple also are of great quality. But, out of this, only 5% of diamonds are considered gem-quality.

But, the list of diamond mines in Australia also has names such as Ellendale and Merlin. The earlier one produces diamonds of significant clarity and color, while the latter one is pronounced for its massive, white, high clarity, and high-valued diamonds.

Do you know? Australia's biggest diamond was found in the Merlin mine. It was a 104.73-carat stone! 

This makes us reach the end of our list of which region specializes in diamonds in the world (depending on millions of carats produced). But are there more? 

According to the data from credible sources, there is a range of other small producers of diamonds. These countries mine only a minimal amount of diamonds and are therefore not said to be rich resources of the diamond. Some of these are South Africa, Angola, Brazil, and Ivory coastal! 


So far, we have discussed which region has the most diamonds and where diamonds are most commonly found. But have you thought about how diamonds mined from different regions vary? And does it matter where a diamond is mined?  

The place from which diamonds are mined decides their price, clarity, quality, and even carat value. Out of all these, price is the significant factor. This can also vary depending on the mining place, process, and other factors. And, just because the region from which diamonds are mined is of great significance, one should check it carefully! 

But this is not always the customer's concern! 

Therefore, if you want to be sure about the diamond you buy and want the right quality diamond mined from the right region, hop on Netcarat's online store. It has a range of designs and sizes of diamonds, too, with the right quality, price, and factors combined! It also deals in accessories for both men and women and for anyone who has a deep love for diamonds! 

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