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Cushion Cut Diamond: Definition, Characteristics, Collections

March 28, 2023 8 min read
Cushion Cut Diamond: Definition, Characteristics, Collections

Cushion Cut Diamond: Definition, Characteristics, Collections

What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

People have used diamonds to represent love, beauty, and wealth for ages. These gemstones are a well-appreciated option for engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry because of their gorgeous look, charm, and toughness. 

However, the cut of a diamond may significantly affect its beauty and value since not all diamonds are made equal. And diamonds with equal sparkle can also seem way different! 

While there is a range of diamond cuts available, cushion-cut diamond is a well-known diamond shape that has attracted the interest of diamond admirers. 

“What is a cushion-cut diamond?” A cut with distinctive features, sparkle, and unmatchable 

allure! This cut has rounded corners and a square or rectangular form with a vintage-inspired look. 

Let’s dive deep into its history and the charm this cut has for this generation’s jewelry enthusiasts!

History of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

The history of the cushion-cut diamond is lengthy and intriguing, going all the way back to the 19th century. This diamond cut, once known as the "old-mine cut," was one of the first types of diamond cutting and was applied to some of the period's most well-known and expensive diamonds.

The wide facets and rounded, supple form of the old mine-cut diamond were renowned for their characteristic light reflection. The old mine cut, however, started to lose popularity as diamond-cutting methods advanced in favor of more brilliant cuts, including the round brilliant cut.

But do you know how it was created first? 

The cushion-cut diamond was created due to diamond cutters' experiments with novel diamond shapes and cutting techniques in the late 19th century. Compared to other diamond cuts of the period, this one had softened edges and a square or rectangular form, giving it a softer, more romantic aspect. 

This cut looked so elegant that the Hope Diamond, which has a cushion-cut diamond in the middle, is one of the most well-known diamonds ever made. This makes cushion-cut diamonds immediately rise to fame!

These diamonds remained popular by the early 20th century, especially with rich and stylish people. The cushion-cut diamond, however, lost popularity as tastes and fashions evolved and were replaced by more contemporary and dazzling shapes. But cushion-cut diamonds have recently seen a rise in popularity, especially among people who value their classic appeal and romantic allure. Many jewelry designers have started using cushion-cut diamonds in their designs, producing a variety of gorgeous and distinctive pieces that highlight the elegance of this traditional diamond shape.

Nowadays, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and other forms of jewelry are made with cushion-cut! 

Let’s understand what the features that make it such a special treat are! 

6 Characteristics of Cushion-Cut Diamonds

The distinctive qualities of cushion-cut diamonds distinguish them from other diamond cuts. The iridescence, self-pronouncing grace, and charming sparkle are all its positives. But the list is not just this. Here are some more salient characteristics that make this cut a pure jewel to add to a wardrobe right now:

1. Shape

Cushion-cut diamonds have softened sides and a square or rectangular form, giving them a delicate and romantic appeal enough to make couples drool! 

2. Facets

A cushion-cut diamond's number and arrangement of facets can vary, although they commonly range from 58 to 64 facets. The patterns and reflections these facets may produce give the diamond a distinctive look! 

3. Dimensions

The size of cushion-cut diamonds can range from little accent stones to substantial center stones. Nonetheless, they are frequently shaped differently than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight to preserve more weight, giving them a somewhat smaller yet rich look.

4. Color

A cushion-cut diamond's hue can also differ; some have a clear, colorless look, while others can have a yellow or brown tinge. A diamond's color grade may have a big influence on how much it is worth and how it looks. This keeps the craze for different colored cushion-cut diamonds alive! 

5. Clarity

Cushion-cut diamonds, like other diamonds, can have flaws or imperfections that reduce their clarity. However, cushion-cut diamonds' rounded corners and gentle edges can help conceal some flaws and surface the ultimate charm of the diamond! 

6. Cut

A cushion-cut diamond's cut may have a big impact on how it looks, with some cuts resulting in a more dazzling and fiery diamond and others highlighting the softness and vintage appeal of the cut.

Diamonds with a cushion cut have a special blend of traditional allure and contemporary adaptability. Its rounded corners and smooth edges give it a timeless romantic and ageless appeal and proper faceting produces a variety of patterns and reflections. Any jewelry piece may benefit from the beauty and refinement that a cushion-cut diamond can bring, whether you like a traditional, antique-inspired style or a contemporary, minimalist one.

But if you want to have one? Here are some of the exotic cushion-cut diamond collections for you!  

5 Cushion-Cut Diamond Collections

From the beginning, cushion-cut diamonds have been used often in jewelry designs, and many well-known diamonds have been cut in this way. Following are a few prominent cushion-cut diamonds and their collections:

1. The Hope Diamond

This is a 45.52-carat blue diamond with a cushion shape and modified brilliant cut that is thought to have originated in India. One of the most well-known diamonds in the world, it is encircled by 16 white diamonds and set in a platinum pendant. The National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., is present where the Hope Diamond is kept and preserved! 

2. The Regent Diamond

Louis XV of France later purchased this 140.64-carat diamond found in India in the 17th century. It is renowned for its outstanding purity and fire. It is placed in the sword's hilt that holds the French Crown Jewels and has a cushion form with a modified brilliant cut. Currently, the Regent Diamond is on view in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

3. The Lesotho Promise

This 603-carat white diamond, found in Lesotho in 2006, was cut into 26 polished stones, one of which weighed 75.36 carats. The Lesotho Promise Diamond, mounted in a necklace made of white and pink diamonds, brought $12.4 million at auction in 2008.

4. The Tiffany Yellow Diamond 

It has a cushion shape with a modified brilliant cut. It weighed around 128.54 carats and was found in South Africa in the late 19th century. One of the biggest yellow diamonds in the world, it is mounted in a pendant with white diamonds all around. In the Tiffany & Co. flagship location in New York City, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond is now on exhibit! 

5. The Krupp Diamond

A 33.6-carat stone with a cushion shape and step cut was found in South Africa in the 1920s. Elizabeth Taylor later acquired it after Vera Krupp, the wife of German industrialist Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, first held it. Taylor wore the Krupp Diamond frequently when she appeared in public. It is set in a platinum ring and encircled by baguette diamonds.

Along with these well-known diamond collections, engagement rings, earrings, and other jewelry pieces frequently use cushion-cut diamonds. If you are looking for some exotic jewelry pieces to embrace this festive summer, explore Netcarat

Not only this, several jewelry designers offer collections of cushion-cut diamonds in various settings and designs, from minimalist and modern to vintage-inspired ensembles. Some other popular collections of cushion-cut diamonds include:

  • Tiffany Soleste has cushion-cut diamonds encircled by a halo of white diamonds.
  • The Harry Winston Micropave series comprises cushion-cut diamonds set in micro pave diamond bands.
  • The Cartier Destinée series comprises cushion-cut diamonds in a traditional four-prong setting with tapered baguette diamonds on the sides.
  • The Serpenti series by Bvlgari showcases cushion-cut diamonds in a coiled serpent pattern with pave diamonds.

A cushion-cut diamond is a timeless and beautiful option for every event, regardless of your preference for a traditional or modern design. But all its charm can only be owned if you buy the right cushion-cut diamond! 

How to Choose a Cushion-Cut Diamond?

There are several suggestions to consider while selecting the best cushion-cut diamond, albeit the decision is often subjective! The first thing to do is to think about the 4Cs and what size, color, clarity, and cut are most essential to you. 

Though there are a lot of options available, a round or princess-cut diamond can be better if you desire a more dazzling and fiery stone. 

Yet, if you adore a cushion-cut diamond's classic allure and gentleness, it can be the ideal match for you! 

The diamond's setting is another thing to take into account. The settings for cushion-cut diamonds can be many, but some common choices include solitaire settings, halo settings, and vintage-inspired settings. In order to guarantee the quality and authenticity of your diamond, it's crucial to select a respected jeweler such as Netcarat!

Ready to Add Cushion-Cut to Your Collection? 

The cushion-cut diamond is a timeless and traditional option for people looking for a distinctive and romantic appearance in their jewelry. This diamond cut dates back to the 18th century and has a long history, and has been applied to some of the most renowned and expensive gems ever, including the Hope Diamond!

The distinctive features, charm difficult to forget, and allure enough to make you its admirer immediately, cushion-cut diamonds are well-appreciated! Further, its ability to include a rounded form, significant facets, and capacity to display a diamond's color and clarity makes it a favorite immediately! 

The cushion-shaped diamond is an attractive and adaptable choice that can give a touch of class and refinement to your overall look, even if you're looking to assemble a vintage-inspired engagement ring or a contemporary spin on a traditional diamond cut. The cushion-cut diamond will continue to be popular for years because of its timeless appeal and romantic allure.

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