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Best Jewelry for Girlfriend Birthday: Things To Know

January 26, 2023 7 min read
Best Jewelry for Girlfriend Birthday: Things To Know

Best Jewelry for Girlfriend Birthday: Things To Know

Jewelry as Birthday Gift for Your Girlfriend

All emotions are merry, but love has a different essence!  

If you are or have ever been in love, you would appreciate how special it becomes when you think of gifting something to your loved one. That moment is not just about gifting; it becomes a chance to show them that you care, you love, and they are special to you. And you try every bit to make this moment memorable for life!

Though showing love can be easy through small gestures, screaming out your love through a gift is not simple, especially when you are a gentleman thinking of gifting something to your girlfriend!  

We all know it's difficult to make women happy. Sometimes, only a rose can give them dopamine flushes, and sometimes, a gesture like handing over your hoodie to them makes their day. Then, what can be the best gift for them? How can you show them they hold an exceptional place in your life? 

That’s where Jewelry can become the finest choice!

Jewelry: The Best Gift There Can Be!

There is no woman who doesn’t like jewelry. Not only this, there is probably no woman who thinks that she has enough jewelry. For a Saturday night event, close knitted family gathering, or professional event, each occasion has to have a different piece of jewelry. And this is what makes jewelry a perfect choice to gift to your girlfriend. 

Be it a gift of jewelry for a birthday, a special date, to say how much you love them, to show respect, and for whatever reason or occasion, jewelry can be the best gift for your girlfriend. Further, the range of accessories to choose from, colors, designs, materials, and gems( Oomph! There's a lot to choose from in jewelry!) makes it an ideal gift idea.

But remember, not every random piece of jewelry can serve a purpose. After all, it can never be this easy! It should be handpicked and selected after careful thinking to deliver a sweet message ‘I Love you!”

So, what can you do that can make your jewelry gift a special gift? We’ve got you covered! 

  • What’s the Gem?

Some girls like gold, some admire rubies, and some are quintessential diamond fans! So, before starting the process of buying your girl a piece of jewelry for a birthday event, finalize which gem to go for.

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” ~Marlyn Monroe

If this sounds like your girl, choose diamond jewelry to make her feel special, loved, and admired. Choose from diamond studs, pendants, bracelets, and even rings. You can also go for diamond chains. There are sleek and simple, special and even rare designs available!

  • Make Your Special Gift “Special”! 

Jewelry is indeed a special gift. But remember when we said it’s difficult to make women happy? We meant it! 

Another truth is girls always appreciate the thought behind a gift. So, to scream out your love to your girlfriend, here are the five ways that can ensure your jewelry for a birthday, anniversary, or a date gift serves the purpose- 

  • Choose What Your Girlfriend Would Love! 

You are in love, and love tells you things. It tells you what the other person likes and admires. You know that person; you know what they love and what they appreciate. And, when it comes to gifting something, you have to select something that would become remarkable instantly. Moreover, this gift has to become their immediate favorite!  

Think what they would love more! A studded diamond jewelry, ring, necklace, or studs? Or would they appreciate a sleek design? Do they like colors in their jewelry? Which design would they like to get added to their wardrobe? All this can help you choose a jewelry gift best suited for your girlfriend! Not only this, but this would also surface the fact how much you understand them and how much you are familiar with their likings! 

So, it's a massive win! 

  • Add a Message! 

A random jewelry piece would do less. When it comes to gifting that to your girlfriend, a message engraved jewelry like a heart keepsake pendant would be ideal. 

  1. Heart Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    Heart Keepsake Diamond Pendant
    $1,199 As low as As low as $1,199

Get a necklace with the initials of your and your girlfriend’s name, a customized diamond bracelet engraved with a special date, studs with customization, and so forth. 

That's how you can set a perfect example of how you can deliver a message via your gift! All these things can make your jewelry for a birthday a memorable gift for a lifetime. Also, this can make your relationship a level special! 

  • Gift a “Gift”! 

If you really want to give your girlfriend something she would appreciate for life, a rare jewelry piece shall be your pick! 

This can be some ancient design, a trendy limited stock design, or a rare-to-find design with detailing, craft, and precision. The idea is to give something that is rare and far from the scale of being simple and always in stock design! 

  • All in Carats! 

It is often said diamond’s carats add value to it. Not only value but charisma, diamond shine, and iridescence can also be decided through carats. 

That’s where choosing a large 9-carat or exquisite 5-carat diamond for your girl can make a difference. After all, gifting a diamond no one can take their eyes off will be the most remarkable gift ever. Be it to mark your bond, love, or respect for each other, or be it for a birthday, valentine, or a special date! 

But not all large carats look charming! 

A real large-carat diamond would only look good if it's of the right quality. That’s where Netcarat comes in. We have a range of exquisite diamonds with the right quality, premium purity, and tested standards. This ensures you never feel unsatisfied while jewelry shopping or picking a gift for your loved one. You can explore our range of diamond jewelry products here!

  • What’s the color? 

Girls love colors. And when it comes to jewelry, only specific colors can work. After all, matching outfits, handbags, and heels have to be there! Therefore, it is important to invest a sheer amount of time in selecting which color diamonds you wanna gift to your girlfriend. 

Do you want to go for rare-colored diamonds? Or do you want to give sparkling silver diamonds? This can make your gift special to extraordinary in seconds. And, who knows, a rare colored diamond gifted by you could become her next go-to jewelry! 

If you are a gentleman looking for some ideas here, take some inspiration from J.Lo’s green-colored diamond ring

  • Jewelry? But, Which Piece of Jewelry? 

When it comes to girls’ jewelry, even the largest jewelry store in the world has limited options! So, the first and foremost step is to decide what you wanna a gift. 

Does your girlfriend love studs the most? Or, a bracelet is her thing? Do you want to give her your next favorite gala night necklace? This would help you narrow down your search a bit. This would also help you select which options and jewelry pieces to explore next! 

  • Nothing is Cliche in Love! 

When it comes to love, many things can be said cliche. But let us tell you when in love, nothing is cliche! And that's what makes our next-in-list jewelry option one of the best contenders. 

A heart-shaped pendant, studs, or a ring. Filled with love and charism, heart-shaped jewelry is hot among couples. This gift can immediately become your relationship’s symbol of love. Further, your girlfriend can carry it forever to mark your special bond. This can scream out what they mean to you in so many ways!

After all, love needs to be pronounced loud and clear! 

All these were suggestions to consider when gifting jewelry for a birthday, anniversary, or any special event to your girlfriend. But, What's the next step? 

Scream Out Your Love

You have chosen a gift for your girlfriend. Now it's time to shower her with love. But wait! Will your chosen gift be able to deliver your message? 

That's where the quality, purity, and authenticity of jewelry become important. While finding a piece of love jewelry that fits the criteria and is also up to the quality standards is tough, what if we tell you it's now a click’s game? At Netcarat, it is! 

At Netcarat, we have a range of exquisite, handpicked designs for diamond bracelets, diamond pendants, studs or earrings, and even hip-hop jewelry. So, no matter if your girl is a fan of all charismatic diamonds or loves a rapper-style vibe, we have got something for you.

Want to get your hands on stylish diamond chains? Quirky studs or rings that are hard not to buy? We have got it in our stores! 

Explore our designs, select your favorite, and we can deliver them right to you. You can also visit our stores to experience how we deliver craft drenched in a diamond. Hop on our website today and explore what we call perfect designs! 

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