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Do Men Wear Tennis Bracelets and What Are Tips for Buying Them?

December 6, 2022 7 min read
Do Men Wear Tennis Bracelets and What Are Tips for Buying Them?

Do Men Wear Tennis Bracelets and What Are Tips for Buying Them?

Men's fashion is the living trend! Long gone is the time when men used to have traditional aesthetics with no hyped additions to the look. But today every man wears jewelry and shiny aesthetics to add a vibrant feel to the look! 

While there are different alternatives present for men to get that gala feel, diamond jewelry never fails to impress. Be it studs, diamond chains, or hard not to look at bracelets, diamond jewelry for men has an Oomph factor!

And, out of all these, a male diamond tennis bracelet is a bit more preferred. And this has made the question of do guys wear tennis bracelets a thing of the past! This is because of its minimal yet royal feel. But, keeping things straight, it is not easy to select a diamond tennis bracelet for men! 

Why Selecting a Diamond Tennis Bracelet For Men is Different? 

Men are different! Believe it or not, men need different aesthetics they can confidently flaunt and pair with their gentlemanly personality! 

But the answer to "Can men wear tennis bracelets?" is an unrivaled yes! 

Because gentlemen like you need a minimal yet pronouncing style statement, it becomes critical for them to select which bracelet to say yes to! 

That's where it becomes way different from selecting diamond bracelets for men. So, if you are looking to buy one for your man, or if you are handsome and looking to add a diamond tennis bracelet to your wardrobe, we've got the right tips for you! 

Men's tennis bracelet: 6 Tips for Selecting a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

We know how much you want that perfect diamond tennis bracelet for you. But, we also know how overwhelming it can be to consider diverse options of diamond bracelets for men available in the market. And every diamond store claiming to be the best further elevates the confusion.

Calm down! We'll make things simple! Let's discuss each factor carefully! 

1. What's the Budget? 

Budget plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a diamond tennis bracelet for men as there are cheap to expensive and even luxury options available. Especially diamonds get expensive mainly due to their cuts; it is always advised to set a budget before you start exploring your options for diamond bracelets for men.

Along with this, also explore where you can get the most affordable options to pick from. As there are both online as well as offline options available, which one to pick is a debatable concern for diamond buyers!

To begin with, If you are someone who likes to try different jewelry before picking up your favorite, it is better you opt for a walk-in store of Netcarat. But if you like the comfort of getting diamond jewelry at your doorstep, then Netcarat's online store can be a good pick! 

At Netcarat, you can get the option of trying jewelry before buying. In our walk-in stores, you can experiment with your jewelry choices after trying them! or you can get it delivered to your doorstep after picking up your favorite design through an online jewelry store.

2. Choose the Color and Carat! 

The prices of diamond bracelets for men vary greatly depending on colors and carat weight. Considering colors and carat weight is an essential step while buying a diamond tennis bracelet for beard gens!  

If you buy colored diamonds, which are rare, like red diamonds, you have to pay more, and also buy matching outfits! 

As mismatched diamond jewelry is a big off

However, colorless diamonds can help you slay every time you wear them. So, if you go for an easily available shiny iridescent diamond with the right carat, you can save bucks on your tennis bracelet shopping! 

Thereby, do your sheer research on the right combination of price, color, and carat! 

3. Check the Style! 

Diamond tennis bracelets for men are available in a range of styles. Therefore, this has to be in your step-wise approach to buying a male diamond tennis bracelet.

To begin with, let's discuss a brief of some of the styles available of diamond tennis bracelets for men

  • Hip Hop Style 

Diamond tennis bracelets with a hip-hop feel are severely picked by cool-style fans! These are loud and blingy in style quotient and are fondly bought by street-style fanatics. Further, this style is known for its let me grab all the attention vibes and is therefore well-loved among youth! 

These are also known as iced-out bracelets. Extremely vibrant, dazzling, and extra cool, these male diamond tennis bracelets can be your right pick! 

  • Cuban-Link Style 

The Cuban-link diamond tennis bracelet is also loved and appreciated by gentlemen of all fashion tastes! It has all royal vibes while keeping your overall look minimal and luxurious. These also ooze a masculine vibe with the right proportion of glamor and charisma.

In this style, the diamonds are encrusted onto a flat link that makes it overall look eye gazing and attractive on all measures. This can accompany handsome hunks on a friendly gathering, a star-studded night, or even at a friend's party! 

These were some of the famous styles of men's diamond tennis bracelets! But, to experience the extended variety and designs, hop on Netcarats' online diamond jewelry store.

4. Decide on the Metal

Once you'll dive into the process of buying diamond tennis jewelry for the mustache clan, you'll realize you have a range of options available in base metal on which your diamonds will get engraved!

These can be stainless steel, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and other affordable to expensive options. You can get a complete idea of how the diamond bracelet will look with these metal options, and you can explore the range of designs, and styles available. 

These were some of the factors that can help you choose the best male diamond tennis bracelet. But, the grace of a bracelet would be pronounced only if you style it right! 

Let's head to some styling tips now! 

Caution: Be careful with the fakes, it is very hard to tell between real and fake diamond tennis bracelets which are available in the market. So check carefully while buying.

Diamond Tennisracelet: Style in Right Way!

Men often come across a question, 

Do Guys Wear Diamond Tennis Bracelets?

Men's Tennis Bracelet Style

Image Source: SuperJeweler

The answer is Yes!!

In recent years, diamond jewelry for men has become very popular. Many celebrities, such as rappers, basketball players, actors and many more, have been seen wearing jewelry, and many rappers like to wear expensive chains.

However, wearing a diamond tennis bracelet as a man may still be uncommon or daring, depending on the context and cultural norms of a particular society or social group. 

But, professional athletes such as Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have been spotted wearing diamond tennis bracelets during games and public appearances. Rapper and fashion icon Jay-Z has also been seen wearing a diamond tennis bracelet on multiple occasions.

Many jewelers design their collections for men's fashion with more masculine designs and larger sizes. 

So Yes, guys wear diamond tennis bracelets.

One should be living under a rock if they don't know that tennis bracelets are the talk of the town for men. So, gentlemen, once you have got your hands on your favorite design of the diamond bracelet, the next step is to style it right.

Right styling can unleash the complete iridescence of your diamond bracelet while giving the right company to your overall outfit!  

To begin with, always take into account the color of your diamond tennis bracelet before pairing it with your outfit. If your outfit is black, avoid pulling off a yellow or pink colored diamond bracelet with it.

But, a white or silver shiny bracelet or bracelets with colorless diamonds would complement it best.

Further, also comprehend that a funky hip-hop-style diamond bracelet would not go well with a formal meeting! 

Along with these tips, always try to match up the tennis bracelet vibe with the event you are going in! 

Flaunt your Diamond Tennis Bracelet With Netcarat

To all the handsome hunks, it's a sign that you should invest in a diamond tennis bracelet that compliments your style and personality precisely! 

Enriched in all masculine vibes with the right index of grace, royalness, and fashion quotient, a diamond tennis bracelet can be your go-to jewelry to make your look aesthetically right.

Choose the right color, material, metal, and style, and style your diamond tennis bracelet for a glam-up evening or studded night! 

Want to explore the range of designs and experience variety? Visit Netcarats' online diamond jewelry store that has designs for everyone.

Be it to match your hip-hop cool style vibe or a charismatic tuxedo personality; You can get your favorite male diamond tennis bracelet design at Netcarat! That too at the best prices and quality-assured designs!

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