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Men's Earring Styles: A Style Statement for Every Man

November 20, 2022 8 min read
Men's Earring Styles: A Style Statement for Every Man

Men's Earring Styles: A Style Statement for Every Man

Y2K is changing the very fabric of men’s fashion and the world of jewelry is changing with it! 

Men’s earring styles were first seen in 7000 BC but went out of fashion as gender bifurcation identified jewelry as a women’s interest.

The new generation is set on changing these societal norms. With the rise of gender equality, the space has become more supportive and innovative.

Do Earrings Make Guys More Attractive?

Earrings and male attractiveness have long been a matter of discussion. Some individuals see men wearing earrings as stylish, edgy, and more attractive than others, and some see them as "Not attractive."

It is safe to say that it is an individual choice.

Attractiveness is a personal trait that differs from person to person. What appeals to one individual may not appeal to another. Men wearing earrings can look stylish in the eyes of certain individuals but not in the eyes of others. Ultimately, what matters most is that a person feels confident and at ease with their appearance.

Cultural conventions significantly influence men wearing earrings. Men who wear earrings are considered more out-of-the-ordinary in some societies where it is a common and accepted fashion choice. As a result, the cultural setting we are in can affect how we perceive males wearing earrings.

The question of do earrings make guys more attractive is a personal one that is influenced by societal standards, personal preference, and other elements. A man can look more stylish and individual by wearing earrings, which may also give the impression that he is more assured and self-assured. However, wearing earrings is ultimately a matter of comfort and personal preference. What counts most is that a man feels secure and at ease in his own skin, regardless of whether he wears earrings or not.

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Modern Earring Designs to Consider as a Fashion Statement

In this modern era,  hip-hop artists were the first to start the men's earring style trends.

It started a decade ago, rappers like LLCool J, Slick Rick, and Lil Wayne have been sporting crazy earrings in diamonds, gold, and more on album covers, stage performances, and red carpets.

LLCool J, Slick Rick, and Lil Wayne wearing earrings Image Source: Wallpaperflare,, idolnetworth

Today, attractive male celebrities including fan favorites Harry Styles, Jack Harlow, and even members of the K-pop sensation BTS have been seen wearing different types of men’s earrings.

Harry Styles, Jack Harlow & BTS Member Wearing Men's Earring.

Image Source:, interviewmagazine, channel-korea

The revolution has taken the streets by storm and men’s earrings styles are slowly becoming a staple in everyday wear.

The trend continues to evolve but 2022 has brought some of the best styles to the game- from elegant studs to fashionable tunnels. And we predict these trends will boom in 2023 in the men’s jewelry industry.

Earrings and Men's Fashion: What Can We Expect in the Future?

Guys with earrings are everywhere and it’s anybody’s game now.

Adding some earrings to your closet is always a good idea. Earrings are a sophisticated accessory to have as they go with almost all jewelry and clothes without taking the attention off of you.

If you wear them without any other adornments, they can pull off a statement look all on their own.

Different types of men’s earrings styles leave different impressions but diamond earrings for men are undeniably quintessential. There is a wide variety to choose from and some of these newer trends will blow your mind.

The different types of earrings- from hoops to tunnels and everything in between, are mazes full of style and glamor!

A Review of 2022's Top Men's Earring Trends Worn by Celebrities

Let’s take a look at the trends in diamond earrings in 2022.

Studs: Simple But Decent

Celebrities wearing studs

Image Source: Gaurdian, starinsider, krkcom

You can choose classic diamond studs that never fail - not when it comes to casual fits and definitely not when it comes to full bling. This delicate style has the simplest silhouette yet it commands the most attention. It accentuates almost every trending style making it versatile and timeless.

In the early days of men’s jewelry, the focus was drawn to large chains or oversized rings but today, celebs are seen styling their most fancy suits with diamond studs.

On the runway, diamond studs have been quickly rising as a styling staple in men’s fashion as other accessories are slowly seen as overpowering.

Men with earrings are considered high fashion and stylish.

Netcarat’s Style Recommendation

  1. Extravagant Square Diamond Earrings
    Extravagant Square Diamond Earrings
    $175 As low as As low as $175 $349 $349

A good everyday set is the Extravagant Square Earring from NetCarat. It features 9 round brilliant cut diamonds in a neat square that pairs well with baggy jeans, oversized jackets, and even scarves.

  1. Slamming Disc Diamond Earrings
    Slamming Disc Diamond Earrings
    $975 As low as As low as $975 $1,949 $1,949

For occasional wear, you can opt for these under $1000 Slamming Disc Earrings. The concentric rows of diamonds and baguettes are in keeping with the trending halo setting for diamonds. It adds brilliance and fire to your already lit fit.

Hoops: A Circle with Style

Celebrities wearing hoop earrings

Image Source: Highsnobiety,Pinterest,Naturaldiamonds,

A diamond hoop silhouette resembles a circle that wraps around the ear. It doesn’t accommodate much movement but it is a subtle statement of elegance.

Among the many different types of men’s earrings, hoops are like starter sets for dangle earrings. If you can pull off diamond hoops, you’ll be able to take on longer pieces.

Hoops have been on the rise for quite some time. Singer/songwriter Justin Beiber is no stranger to diamond hoops and recently, famous personalities like Shawn Mendes and Joe Jonas taking on these jewels.

Netcarat’s Style recommendation

  1. Bussing Round Diamond Earrings
    Bussing Round Diamond Earrings
    $899 As low as As low as $899

This Bussing Round Earring at Netcarat checks all the boxes for the perfect men’s diamond hoops. Their scintillating row of diamonds creates a statement look that matches every mood. Mounted onto white gold, it fabricates a spellbinding brilliance.

Chandeliers: Multi Shaped Men’s Earrings

Celebrities wearing chandeliers earrings

Image Source: Fashionspot, starinsider, bodyartguru

Attractive men with diamond earrings are always seen wearing chandeliers or danglers.

The primary difference between a dangler and a drop earring is the length. While a drop earring is closer to the lobe, chandeliers hand low and create more of an impact visually.

Men’s chandeliers are an acquired taste and they require sartorial expertise. They must be paired with the proper outfits otherwise their true potential is left untouched.

Danglers are also very reflective of personal style. Many men choose to customize their earrings or seek out ones that represent something they care about: diamond crosses are very popular in danglers.

Tunnels: A Unique Earring Fashion

Celebrities wearing tunnel earrings

Image Source: Dailymail, iStock, Pinterest

This type of men’s earring is actually used to stretch the ears.

It's a technique called ‘lobe gauging’ and involves an earpiece that lines the inside of the ear piercing.

The style is taking over the streets and an oversized hole in the ear is quite noticeable. One of the reasons might be that it has become more accepted on our screens. American singers Travie McCoy and Adam Lambert both indulge in tunnels with many of their looks.

This fairly new trend is quite scary but it can go well with some attires. The style usually suits men with tattoos or an edgy personal taste in clothes.

Tunnel earrings are somewhat a show of courage and they are hard to pull off but they are more stylish now than they ever were.

Novelty: The “Yo” Factor

Celebrities wearing novelty earrings

Image Source: Twitter, Refinery29, Pinterest

Novelty earrings are a different type of earring: unique, cool pieces with exciting silhouettes.

It's a play of whimsy that adds a fun factor to any outfit. It can also be a method of self-expression. Novelty earrings can become iconic symbols like Jungkook’s double-hooped earrings.

While gold and silver are both great choices for novelty earrings, diamonds just add a touch of brilliance that nothing else can bring.

  1. Killer Dagger Diamond Earrings
    Killer Dagger Diamond Earrings
    $1,299 As low as As low as $1,299

Netcarat’s Killer Dagger Earrings are a great choice. Their sharp features add depth and dynamics to every ensemble. They are a good choice for adding a personal touch to your outfit without any effort.

Black Diamonds: Simple Yet Power Pack

Celebrities wearing black diamond earrings

Image source: Bodyartguru, starinsider

While colorless sparkles remain the most expensive, black diamonds are a trend in men’s earrings that are subtle yet voguish. Real black diamonds still aren’t as expensive as pure diamonds but their alluring black color is an aphrodisiac.

Black connotes power, strength, and mystery. It's a staple color in the fashion industry and underscores an attire without drawing too much attention from it. The natural balance makes it a beloved trend in men’s earrings.

Unbalanced: But Style Balance

Celebrities wearing unbalanced earring

Image Source: NYTimes, Vogue

A trend that’s popping up across celeb appearances is the one-sided earring.

This shows up in one of two ways: only one ear has an earring or one ear has a stud in place and the other ear has a dangler.

Either way, it is highly popular among men with earrings and is undoubtedly an attractive style. It has a modish and captivating feel that emphasizes the outfit. 

Modern Earring Styles, Consider As Your Fashion Statement

If you’re looking to buy, the first step is identifying your individual style.

Ask yourself these questions - 

  • Are you more of a gold or silver kind of person or do you dazzle in diamonds? 
  • Does your style include vibrant gemstones or a more muted palette? 

It's important to get these answers correct because you should choose earrings that reflect your style because they attract a lot of attention.

For many men, earrings are a personal matter. Since they are such eye-catching accessories, they have to be representative of a person.

Studs are classic and chandeliers are in but some men prefer tapers.

It's important to understand your own taste before hopping on bandwagons because over time, earrings can become a part of your identity reflecting your views, interests, and perceptions.

Men’s earrings are among the top fashion trends of today. They help define the face and accent fashion wear with elegance.

They’re effortless and- when in diamonds- they are brilliant! Trends have always been bringing accessories in and out of convention but diamond earrings on men just might be here to stay! 

Whether you follow trends or set them, you’re going to want to have diamond earrings in your wardrobe this year!

If you are looking to buy, Netcarat has some best diamond earrings collections. Have a look at it.

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