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8 Stunning Diamond Pendants for Your Favorite Chain

March 23, 2023 6 min read
8 Stunning Diamond Pendants for Your Favorite Chain

8 Stunning Diamond Pendants for Your Favorite Chain

8 types of diamond pendants that go with chains

Pendants are used as a fashion statement because they personalize an outfit and can reflect an individual's personality, interests, or ideals. 

Also, they can highlight the entire outfit and draw attention to the neckline. Although chains can stand alone, adding a pendant can enhance the style and make it more distinct and appealing. 

A timeless and classic piece of jewelry that has been worn for ages is a diamond pendant. Diamonds are admired for their radiance and beauty.

Diamonds are a common option for presents and special events since they are frequently associated with affection and commitment. 

Diamond pendants, particularly those shaped like hearts baguette heart diamond pendants, are frequently given as gifts to symbolize love and affection.

Pendants made of precious stones other than diamonds are also highly popular and can give an outfit a unique flash of color and design, and also it is easier to clean at home

Emeralds, which are vivid green gemstones, can give any ensemble a burst of color. They are usually paired with pendants to create a striking appearance. 

Amethysts are purple gemstones that may give clothing a touch of opulence and beauty. Opals are a special and brilliant gemstone that may give clothing a whimsical and bohemian feel.

Diamond pendant costs can vary depending on the choice of the pendants.

Here are 8 ideas to embellish your outfit with pendants 

1. Simple Chains with Statement Pendants

A distinctive and trendy style can be created by layering several simple chains of different lengths and patterns. One of the chains can be made more evident by adding a striking pendant to it. 

Keep it basic with just one chain and a statement pendant for a more minimal aesthetic. Make the pendant the center of attention by keeping the rest of your accessories basic. 

For a casual ensemble, such as a t-shirt and denim, wear a simple chain with a bold pendant. This will give your clothing a subtle touch of elegance without making it appear overly formal. 

Choose a longer simple chain with a more intricate statement pendant if you're dressed up for a formal occasion. Your attire will look more upscale and sophisticated. 

  1. Glitzy Dog Tag Diamond Pendant Glitzy Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
    Glitzy Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
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  2. Perky Dog Tag Diamond Pendant Perky Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
    Perky Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
    $699 As low as As low as $699
  3. Dope Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
    Dope Dog Tag Diamond Pendant
    $5,099 As low as As low as $5,099

2. Delicate Chains with Small Pendants

Adding small pendants to delicate chains, especially those with diamonds, is a terrific way to give a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

Since the pendant is small, it is recommended to keep the other jewelry basic to avoid it from clashing with the pendant. Simple bracelets or tiny stud earrings go well with it. Each ensemble can glitter with delicate necklaces and pendants made of tiny diamonds. 

For a night out, think about pairing it with a little black dress or a top with a plunging neckline. The way the pendant hangs from your neck can also be greatly influenced by the length of the chain. For instance, a longer chain will give off a more understated appearance, while a shorter chain will rest higher on the neck and highlight the pendant more.

  1. Vivid Dribble Diamond Pendant
    Vivid Dribble Diamond Pendant
    $34,799 As low as As low as $34,799
  2. Goldie Cross Diamond Pendant Goldie Cross Diamond Pendant
    Goldie Cross Diamond Pendant
    $1,049 As low as As low as $1,049 $1,499 $1,499
  3. Glimmering Heart Diamond Pendant Glimmering Heart Diamond Pendant
    Glimmering Heart Diamond Pendant
    $1,349 As low as As low as $1,349

3. Layering Chains with Multiple Pendants

A fantastic way to give your clothing some personality and visual appeal is to layer chains with different pendants.   Try experimenting with various metals, sizes, and shapes to get a unique look. Explore the chain and pendant colors and textures while making your selection. 

Adding a dash of color or mixing metals can make your outfit more unique. Dress it down by wearing it with a t-shirt and jeans. Wear it with a cocktail dress or a shirt and skirt for a more formal event.

4. Chunky Chains with Large Pendants

It's essential to keep in mind that less is usually more when pairing large chains with huge, bold pendants. It's suggested that you maintain the rest of your accessories simple and subtle because you want the necklace to be the main focus of your ensemble. A perfect example would be rappers' pendants and chains, how they wear and style.

Chunky chains draw attention to the necklace without overpowering the outfit, making them ideal for simple necklines like a crew neck, scoop neck, or V-neck. 

Avoid sporting necklaces or earrings that are too big or that conflict with the pendant. Instead, choose minimal stud earrings and basic bracelets to finish the ensemble.

5. Colorful Chains with Colorful Pendants

Accessorizing any clothing with colored chains and pendants can be exciting and vibrant. While choosing colorful chains and pendants, try to select hues that go well together. The complementary colors of blue and orange, green and red, and yellow and purple can all be found on a color wheel. 

Don't be afraid to pair up various chains and pendants in terms of color and style. 

For instance, you may wear a green chain with a red, orange, and yellow pendant or a blue chain with a yellow pendant.

6. Color Coordination

Pairing a pendant and chain based on the same color is a classic way of accessorizing. For instance, you can create a classic and elegant style by wearing a gold pendant with a gold chain. 

Similar to this, a silver pendant and chain can be worn together for a sleek and contemporary look. However, if you want to add a splash of color to your outfit, you can pick a colorful pendant that matches your clothing or gives your look a playful touch. 

For example, a blue necklace might have a calming and serene impact, while a red pendant can lend a daring and dramatic touch to a plain black dress.

7. Vintage-Inspired Pendants

Depending on the event and your personal style, vintage-inspired pendants can add a unique touch to any outfit. There are many different ways to wear them. By pairing your vintage-inspired pendant with other necklaces of different lengths and materials, you may get a boho style.

To create a unique look, mix & match several styles. Make your pendant the focal point of your ensemble if it is really striking or big and has a vintage aesthetic. Keep the rest of your outfit basic with neutral hues and little jewelry.

To create a coordinated effect, wear your pendant with a blouse or blouse with a vintage feel. This is a fantastic choice for a formal event or a night out. To create a distinctive look, don't be afraid to combine pendants with antique influence with modern jewelry. Try out various hues, textures, and trends to find the right mix for you.

8. Symbolic Pendants

Designing pendants with images of the hamsa hand, tree of life, or evil eye can be a creative and enjoyable way to show your personal taste and beliefs. Make a bright, eye-catching pendant the centerpiece of your ensemble by wearing it with more understated clothing. 

To create a casual, free-spirited style, pair your pendant with other hippy accessories like feather earrings or beaded bracelets. Choose a petite pendant on a thin chain if you like a more understated look, and wear it by itself or with other basic pieces for a subtle yet striking look.

  1. Baby Cherub Diamond Pendant
    Baby Cherub Diamond Pendant
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  2. Glimmering Cross Diamond Pendant
    Glimmering Cross Diamond Pendant
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  3. Blinging Hamsa Diamond Pendant
    Blinging Hamsa Diamond Pendant
    $1,999 As low as As low as $1,999

How do you style with pendants & chains?

There can be a number of ways in which one can experiment with diamond pendants and chains. The choice of pendant and chain combination ultimately depends on your taste and style and what you want your jewelry to represent, so keep in mind that these are simply recommendations. 

You can check out NETCARAT’s collection of hundreds of beautiful and unique diamond pendants and diamond chains and have fun playing with various pairings to see which ones suit you the best!

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