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Top 10 Rapper Pendants and Chains

January 12, 2023 8 min read
 Top 10 Rapper Pendants and Chains

Top 10 Rapper Pendants and Chains

Top 10 Rapper Pendants and Chains

Believe it or not! Fashion is not one world! 

It has people with different vibes, style quotients, and obsessions. While everyone tries to find a fashion hack that matches their personality, style, and sense of dressing, there is one group of people who set trends in fashion! 

And these are Rappers! 

Rappers, the cool group of the fashion world, are often spotted wearing diamond jewelry and aesthetics that screams style and a vibe difficult to match. These aesthetics can be a rapper diamond chain, pendants, and so forth! This is because of the lifestyle they follow, the fans they inspire, and the flashy events they go to and perform in. And, sometimes, their quirky or never seen jewelry keeps them in the limelight. 

This also explains why these people are said to be trendsetters. But how can you match their level of style? How can you join their fashion aura? We've got you covered! 

Here are Some of the Hot and in-Trend Rapper Pendants and Chains For You to Buy This Season

1. Travis Travis! 

If you are a fan of rappers, you must be obsessed with Travis Scott! And, the obsession never ends at his raps. It extends to the jewelry and unique aesthetics he pulls over. His iced-out Cactus Jack pendant is really hot among his fans. 

It is cool and fiery, along with a vibe check, and completes Travis's quotient. Further, the design and final look of this chain with a diamond finish is nothing less to drool over. Not only this but there are also people who love Travis just because of the aesthetic and out-of-the-league jewelry! 

Image Source:

2. Blue Face Pendant of Benjamin Franklin

Something unique and out of the edge is what Rappers Pendants are all about. And Benjamin Franklin perfectly fits the criteria of being unique, and let me stare at it criteria! 

This blue face rapper pendant has left his followers awestruck. Covered with VVS CZ stones of the colors blue, grey, and white, this blue face pendant has given Benjamin an Oomph vibe in the world of Rappers. This also adds charisma and an incredible vibe to his personality when he performs on stage!  

Image source: alicdn

3. Offset's House! 

Rapper Offset is no less than a legend for his fans and admirers. And so is his talked-about trap house pendant. This rapper pendant is crafted so precisely that it demands and attracts your attention immediately. It can make heads turn and grab the whole spotlight whenever Offset wears it in any event! 

Further, it also has given rapper Offset some new admirers and fans of his style quotient! 

Image Source: refinery29

4. Ovo's Owl pendant

Animals and birds are so in trend when it comes to getting unique and eccentric rapper pendants, diamond chain necklaces, and so forth. And, recently, when Ovo was spotted with this stylish owl pendant necklace, fans gossiped and followed his style vibe!  

This owl pendant has a gold vibe and colors like pink, black, and silver to keep the fashion quotient high and also the rappers' world tremors' alive!

Image source: Pinterest

5. Time for a "Hot Girl"! 

Megan Thee Stallion is one of the new sensational female rappers. These ladies pushed rap culture and explained how women could also be in a rappers' brigade!  

And Megan Thee Stallion's Hot Girl rapper pendant is no less than an added spice to the rapper tribe's fashion trends. This necklace is worth several thousand dollars, and the gold and diamond combination finish immediately take the breath away! 

Image Source: brightspot

6. Lil Jo's Sassy Rapper Necklace! 

Rappers are long known to add spice and boldness to otherwise usual things. Be it general sayings or trendy rap world quotes, rappers never fail to add fun to things. And that's what Lil Jo's Crunk Ain't Dead necklace is all about! It was a sort of inspiration to past rappers as it was a remembrance quote that old rap music is not dead. 

And this gained him pretty limelight in the world of hip-hop and fashion trend lovers! 

Image source: straightfromthea

7. Skull Pendant of Juice Wrld

The rap industry is often promoted as wild and rough rather than smooth and flimsy. And that's why pendants like skulls and that of ancient characters go top in trend and style charts! And, when popular rap artist Juice was spotted in a skull pendant, it indeed made some juicy headlines in the rap world. 

It immediately topped the fashion bulletin's headlines and hyped buzz. But, it is not just the unique concept that made it to headlines; it's the design also. In this pendant, a charismatic purple and silver ornament is placed just behind the teeth of the skull. This detail makes it unique among many rapper diamond chain designs trending out there! 

Image Source: amazonmedia


8. Big Sean's Lion Pendant

As we said before, animal pendants are way too favorite of rappers. Some feel connected with these pendants, while some feel inspired or say them as their spirit signs! 

And, in-news rapper Sean, when he wore a Lion shaped pendant, he did pronounce a unique style statement. It gave all alpha vibes and became rap world fanatics' quintessential go-to accessory! 

Image Source: GQ

9. Diamond Cross Pendant! 

This might give you quite basic vibes. But, believe us, love for Jesus and hip hop cannot be displayed better than wearing a diamond cross pendant! 

Though this style of rapper pendant is spotted on a range of rappers such as Lil Skies, it never goes out of fashion and speaks volumes. If you are someone who is planning to grab some hip-hop jewelry this season, getting this diamond cross pendant from Netcarat can be a good start in assembling your hip-hop jewelry collection!

Image Source: illanoize

10. Ross's "clone" Chain! 

Rappers are quite different, and that's what keeps them cool and wanted among their fans and followers! But Ross just went to another level in being unique and a never seen style legend! He actually got a pendant that looks exactly like his face! 

Image Source: highsnobiety

We know you are having a hard time believing this, but rappers are like this. They love to surprise their fans and become the face of tomorrow's headline. 

All these were hot and in-trend rapper pendant designs. But we are not even halfway through the list! This is because rappers are way too unpredictable and get new and quirky pendants each day. It is therefore said that if you want to stay up to date as per the rap world fashion trends, you gotta keep your eyes alert! 

Even though the trends change with each day, there are some "Safe" jewelry designs that never go out of trend. Let's now discuss some of the most-loved pendant styles for rappers! 

Unique and Quirky: That's All Rappers Want! 

If you follow a rapper or are a hardcore hip-hop-style jewelry fan, you can relate here to how something that is ordinary and basic is neglected by popular rappers. And this makes the list of in-trend rapper jewelry endless. Let's discuss some of the pretty and always in-hype designs or styles of rapper diamond chains-

  • A Quote! 

Start following rappers, and you will spot them wearing a diamond-studded quote pendant in a few days. Quotes are forever a fashion trend in rappers. Be it small quotes or abbreviations of famous sayings, quotes are rappers' favorite! One example of such a type of design is Lil Jo's Crunk Ain't Dead necklace! 

Image source: straightfromthea

If you also want to customize a quote-type rapper-style necklace, hop on to the online store of Netacrat today! 

  • Something that Inspires! 

Inspiration can be derived from anything. Be it from a house you have earned dreaming of for years, from your sun sign, your parent's car, or from any other symbol like the Hamsa hand, any language, or alchemy. And getting a pendant from which you feel inspired is always a sassy trend in rappers. 

  1. Baguette Hamsa Diamond Pendant Baguette Hamsa Diamond Pendant
    Baguette Hamsa Diamond Pendant
    $1,799 As low as As low as $1,799

Rappers casually get massive diamond-studded pendants of animals like lions, owls, cats, and even eagles. This looks extra hip-hop and in style! 

  • Just a Sign! 

In hip-hop traditions. Signs like Jesus's cross and hashtags gravitate to audiences. Therefore, these signs are in great demand among fans. And that's what makes these types of necklaces a hot thing for rap industry fans!

  1. Flashy Cross Diamond Pendant Flashy Cross Diamond Pendant
    Flashy Cross Diamond Pendant
    $1,854 As low as As low as $1,854 $2,649 $2,649

  • An Animal or a Bird

Do you resonate with an animal or a bird? Do you think Lion is your spirit animal? Or do you link your personality traits with that of an elephant or eagle? It's time you get an animal-shaped rapper-style pendant of it! 

  1. Slamming Butterfly Diamond Pendant
    Slamming Butterfly Diamond Pendant
    $2,649 As low as As low as $2,649
  2. Garish Turtle Diamond Pendant
    Garish Turtle Diamond Pendant
    $23,999 As low as As low as $23,999
  3. Dripping Bird Diamond Pendant
    Dripping Bird Diamond Pendant
    $15,099 As low as As low as $15,099
  4. Flashy Shark Diamond Pendant
    Flashy Shark Diamond Pendant
    $6,649 As low as As low as $6,649
  5. Lion King Diamond Pendant
    Lion King Diamond Pendant
    $1,249 As low as As low as $1,249
  6. Flooded Lizzard Diamond Pendant
    Flooded Lizzard Diamond Pendant
    $4,499 As low as As low as $4,499

This will keep you running in trendy fashion races and will push you a bit closer to rap world fashion charts! 

Ready to Pull Rapper-Like Fashion? 

Who does not want to match the style of their favorite artists or rappers? But, when it comes to matching the fashion vibe of popular rappers, things are not easy. This is because hop-hop jewelry is not easy to find! 

We have got your answers! 

At Netcarat, we have a range of exclusive designs that can help you keep your fashion game ahead. We ensure you get your trendy hip-hop jewelry pendant, chain, or necklace right at our store, and that too at the best prices. Get your hands on your next favorite piece of the diamond pendant!

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