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Why Wiz Khalifa Stop Wearing Jewelry? Find Out Here

February 19, 2023 6 min read
Why Wiz Khalifa Stop Wearing Jewelry? Find Out Here

Why Wiz Khalifa Stop Wearing Jewelry? Find Out Here

Why did Wiz Khalifa stop wearing jewelry?

Over the last decade or so, Wiz Khalifa has established himself as one of the most influential and successful hip-hop musicians ever since. 

His music has appeared on numerous mixtapes, singles, albums, and crossovers with other musicians. His words are frequently cheerful and amusing, and his rhythms have a chilled-down vibe.

Wiz Khalifa is well-known for his lifestyle as well as his songs. However, he is most renowned for his fondness for marijuana, which he frequently raps about in his lyrics and melodies. As a result, Wiz has gained popularity among cannabis fans and has become somewhat of a celebrity in the marijuana community. He has also been a champion of marijuana legalization, frequently coming out to support it publicly.

Besides the chemistry of cannabis and Wiz, he is famous for his flamboyant style and extravagant jewelry collection. Born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, Wiz Khalifa's passion for jewelry started at a young age and has only grown over time. Today, he is known for his bling-filled fingers, neck, and ears, which add an extra element of pizzazz to his overall appearance.

Let’s look at some of the most famous pieces that he owns…

Wiz’s jewelry collection


One of the rapper's most recognizable jewelry pieces is his chains and pendants. Wiz Khalifa is well-known for his custom-crafted chains, usually made of gold or platinum, and feature elaborate motifs and huge diamonds. Most of the time, these chains complement the prominent jewelry, the pendant.

Depending on the materials and skill utilized, these pendants can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Wiz Khalifa owns custom jewelry and accessory chains, including the Taylor Gang pendant and to wearing CAM pendant. 

Taylor Gang wearing CAM pendant

Every pendant has a story and a meaning behind it. For example, this medallion symbolizes his loyalty to the Taylor Gang, his record label, and a tribute to the late rapper Taylor Allderdice. The piece is made of solid gold and is covered in diamonds, making it a real showstopper.

Rappers Jewelry :  made of solid gold and is covered in diamonds

Collection of Watches

Other notable pieces in Wiz Khalifa's collection are his watches. The watches range from Rolexes to diamond-studded ones; they are not only a timepiece but also statement piece that adds an extra element of luxury to any outfit. He is even a great lover of Rolex watches and has been spotted wearing various of them, including the Rolex Day-Date, the Rolex Sky-Dweller, and the Rolex Yacht-Master II.

Collection of watches

Gold Grillz

Wiz Khalifa is also known for his gold Grillz. Grillz are a popular trend in hip-hop culture, and Wiz Khalifa rides the trend with a permanent gold tooth. The Grillz add an extra level of glamour to his already flamboyant style and are a testament to his love for all things bling.

Gold Grillz tooth


In addition to his love for diamonds, Wiz Khalifa is also a fan of emeralds and rubies. He often sports emerald-studded rings and ruby-studded pendants, adding a pop of color to his jewelry collection.

He is known to wear his gold ring, replete with the Marijuana symbol, and plenty of other pinky rings encrusted with diamonds and precious metals.

Rings jewellery collection

Wiz Khalifa's jewelry collection is not only a testament to his love for all things bling but also a symbol of his success and hard work. The rapper has come a long way since his early days in the industry, and his jewelry collection reflects his journey and accomplishments.

He stopped wearing jewelry!

But in 2022, he has stopped wearing almost all jewelry. A person passionate about jewelry suddenly stopped wearing jewelry was a massive shock to the hip-hop community. He even tweeted, encouraging rappers to stop wearing jewelry in public. 

So recently, he was asked to explain his tweet discouraging rappers from wearing flashy jewelry in public.

Wiz explains why he stopped wearing jewelry:

The cannabis connoisseur recently appeared on an edition of D.J. Whoo Kid's WHOO's House Podcast this month, when he discussed renouncing the pricey ice in favor of his safety and the safety of others around him. Wiz Khalifa has explained why he stopped wearing a lot of jewelry, citing his personal growth and the glittering baubles branding people as a victim of thievery or worse.

The Pittsburgh native stated his dissatisfaction with being and flaunting his iced-out jewelry at this point in his life, saying that it's alright not to have the most expensive jewelry item to confirm one's value.

"At some time, you mature out of that sh*t and place importance on other things," he explained. "It's good to have that mental frame, or it's cool to have the tiny joint too. You don't have to be in the most extreme or bizarre scenario." The 35-year-old also mentioned the increase in rappers being murdered for their jewels, notably with names like PnB Rock and Pop Smoke. "And with all these killings and sh*t going on, it's inviting f**king energies that you don't need. And others look at you as though they're delighted to see that kind of sh*t."

Wiz does a U-turn despite videos of him showing off $5 million worth of jewelry:

The Young and Wild hitmaker, who has previously been photographed wearing extravagant jewelry, also attributed his choice to preserve his safety and the protection of others around him.

"I'm the type of guy that prioritizes my safety. So, if I can walk into a space and not thrill those folks who will feel that way when they see those things, I'll do you a favor because I don't want anything to occur to you; I don't want anything to happen to me, so I'm simply going to quiet down the scenario for all of us. I'm going to show us something we shouldn't look at."

Offlate, many rappers have been shot and killed over jewelry:

Khalifa's remarks come at a time when rapper robberies are at a pretty all-time high. PnB Rock was slain in a heist in September. Over the weekend, Atlanta rapper J Money was shot, attacked, and robbed while riding in a Rolls Royce Phantom possessed by Korean nobleman Andrew Lee in Los Angeles' Koreatown neighborhood.

This isn't the first time Khalifa has discounted the importance of jewelry; he previously expressed the same attitude following the death of rap musician Takeoff from the popular group, Migos in Houston early this month.

Khalifa's seventh solo commercial album, Multiverse, was released earlier this year. In addition, Stoner's Night, a collaboration with Juicy J, Full Court Press, a partnership with Smoke D.Z.A., Big K.R.I.T., and Girl Talk, was also published.

Symba weighs in on the situation:

On Tuesday, T.M.Z. Hip-hop also managed to get a byte out of Symba, the famous Atlantic Records rapper, to remark on Wiz's remarks outside Dash Radio. And he believes hip-hop culture's rejection of the major chains is a mark of maturity.

Symba feels for the newer artists who haven't yet reaped the benefits of their fame, but he agrees with Hitmaka, DJ Envy, and many others in that they require security to prevent becoming targets.

T.M.Z. hip-hop spoke with the Atlantic Records rapper about Wiz's statements outside Dash Radio on Tuesday, and he believes hip-hop culture's rejection of the large chains is a sign of maturity.

Symba feels for the newer artists who haven't yet reaped the benefits of their fame, but he agrees with Hitmaka, DJ Envy, and many other rappers in that they require security to prevent becoming targets.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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