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When Did Diamonds Become Wedding Rings? A Detailed Guide

March 28, 2023 8 min read
When Did Diamonds Become Wedding Rings? A Detailed Guide

When Did Diamonds Become Wedding Rings? A Detailed Guide

History of Diamonds as Wedding Rings

Who is not a fan of diamonds’ allure, charm, and unforgettable vibe? 

Be it teenagers, millennials, or generation x, everyone drools over diamonds! But, as we all know, the love for diamonds is not limited to big jewelry pieces only! 

With many styles and options, diamonds are the preferred material for engagement and wedding rings since they have come to represent love and dedication! 

This is because there is a long and intriguing history of using diamonds as wedding bands and tokens of love! 

From the first known instances of diamonds being used in engagement rings through the current reinterpretations of historical designs, diamonds have remained a representation of enduring love and devotion and have become couples’ ever favorite!

Join us today as we delve into the intriguing history of diamond rings for weddings. 

When Did Diamonds Become Wedding Rings?

Diamonds have always been regarded as signs of fidelity and love, but it wasn’t that popular, so when did the craze start to wear diamond wedding bands? Since when are these being cherished by couples all over to seal their love? The practice has a lengthy and illustrious past that crosses cultures and eras! 

Let’s take a journey behind time!

Diamonds were frequently utilized in jewelry, especially wedding bands, in ancient cultures because they were thought to have mystical and therapeutic properties. Because of their scarcity and brilliance, diamonds were cherished, especially by the ancient Romans and Greeks, who thought wearing one might shield the person from danger.

Throughout Europe, the Middle Ages brought about a rise in the custom of diamond engagement rings. The usage of diamond engagement rings as a sign of devotion and loyalty between couples started during this period. Simple patterns might be found in these early rings, frequently made of gold or silver.

However, the first engagement rings as we know them now only featured diamonds in the late 14th century. 

The era of diamond wedding/engagement rings

The earliest occurrence of a diamond engagement ring in history occurred when Archduke Maximilian of Austria offered a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Throughout the Victorian era, diamond engagement rings then started to become increasingly popular. 

Furthermore, Queen Victoria's passion for diamonds and her union with Prince Albert had a part in spreading this diamond craze in the world of fashion. 

And, slowly, diamond engagement rings had elevated to status symbols by the beginning of the 20th century, with rich people frequently demanding expensive and extravagant designs carved in diamonds! For a long time, it wasn’t common for a couple to have a diamond engagement ring at their wedding; it was only for the riches.

After eras went by, diamond engagement rings are now a common and most widely considered choice for couples! And there are many different types and variations to fit every preference and financial limit. Every couple may choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, from classic solitaire rings to more elaborate creations with several diamonds.

But how did that change happen? 

There’s more under “when did diamonds become wedding rings?”! 

When the diamond was being used by a small percentage of people, no one thought that diamond would be so common and a desired stone by the majority of people. But with just one marketing campaign, just one slogan by a company called the De Beers mining corporation, the whole diamond industry was transformed.

Diamond Industry And De Beers

De Beers, a diamond mining firm established in South Africa in the late 1800s, was one of the key figures in the expansion of the diamond's appeal as a love and commitment symbol. 

The revolution started with a marketing campaign by De Beers in 1947, with the slogan “A Diamond is Forever.” 

"A Diamond is Forever" a marketing campaign by De Beers in 1947

Before the campaign, everyone had given value to diamonds due it’s rarity and preciousness, but this campaign was the first attempt to add a sentimental value to the stone. 

The campaign's goal was to spread the concept that a diamond ring is a classic representation of fidelity and love, and it was wildly successful. Not only then, the expression "A Diamond is Forever" is still often used to describe diamond engagement rings, and people are always multiplying their love for diamonds!

Before that, our country had only 10% of first-time brides receiving a diamond engagement ring, but after the campaign, in just a few years, that number jumped to 80%!

For many years, De Beers held a stranglehold on the diamond business, and their marketing initiatives contributed to diamonds becoming the standard option for engagement and wedding rings today.

Further, debates over the diamond industry have also influenced the history of diamond wedding bands! And, with a touch of modernization to traditional historic designs, the diamond is in league with the most trendy yet timeless gemstone! 

6 Modern Versions of Historical Rings

Are you also one of those jewelry enthusiasts who want to have a classic vibe drenched in the modern touch?

Modern renditions of vintage rings are a popular option for couples looking for a distinctive engagement ring while still upholding tradition. With many options available, choosing the right engagement ring is important.

If you're looking for a contemporary rendition of a vintage ring, keep the following trends in mind- 

1. Settings with a vintage feel

These designs, such as gemmy square diamond rings, put a contemporary spin on traditional looks and frequently feature exquisite decorations and filigree work that reflect the glitz of bygone periods. 

So, a modern trend amalgamated with the right traditional elements is what vintage setting jewelry is all about! 

2. Asymmetrical designs

A modern spin on classic styles may be seen in rings set with atypical diamond shapes like a marquise or pear cuts. This is typically loved by couples who want to seal their bond in the most classic yet talked about style! 

3. Mixed metals

We know a diamond is enough, but a more precious addition never harms anyone! Using mixed metals, such as rose gold and platinum, gives traditional designs a contemporary touch. This makes jewelry pieces more appreciated and a treasure to possess! 

4. Custom-made rings

Working with a jeweler to make a one-of-a-kind ring enables couples to express their tastes and sense of style. This also makes their wedding jewelry an ultimate asset for lifetimes! 

5. Personalization

Special dates, phrases, engravings, or sentiments lend an added depth of tenderness to a piece of jewelry that is already meaningful. This is so trendy for couples that every couple today wants to add a personal touch to their engagement rings. 

If you also want personalized jewelry with a touch of classic diamond vibe, get in touch with the jewelry experts of Netcarat! 

6. Materials that are ethical and sustainable

Using recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds guarantees that the ring's beauty does not compromise the environment or human rights. This is one of the most talked about diamond trends as couples today are thinking about nature and sustainable jewelry options! 

Overall, contemporary iterations of vintage rings provide limitless options for couples looking for a unique and significant token of their love and devotion. A modern historical ring is ideal for you, whether you choose a vintage-inspired setting, an asymmetrical design, mixed metals, a bespoke design, personalization, or sustainable materials. 

That’s what will dominate the modern fashion trends in engagement and wedding jewelry

4 Upcoming Diamond Ring Trends

The diamond ring market is exciting and constantly changing, with new trends and technology appearing all the time. Further, the way today’s couples try to gather a unique vibe to their wedding jewelry keeps commotion alive in the fashion world! 

The following are a few probable future paths that diamond rings might take:

1. Alternate diamond shapes

Hexagonal or triangular-like unusual diamond shapes like swanky marquise diamond rings may replace conventional round-cut diamonds as the more distinctive and artistic options. This immediately replicates the style quotient keeping the beauty of the diamond intact! 

2. Colorful diamonds

Are you bored of silver or gold-colored jewelry? Colored diamonds can be your rescuer! 

Colored diamonds, including pink or yellow diamonds, are already gaining popularity, and this pattern will continue to spread in the future. Further, as celebrities are also adapting colored diamonds, this trend is here to flourish! 

3. Mixed metals and materials

As jewelry designers explore new materials and methods, we could start seeing more rings with strange metal pairings, including titanium and gold. This can be trendsetters in the future!

4. 3D printing

The capacity to produce elaborate and unique patterns using t3D printing technology is already revolutionizing the jewelry industry and might significantly influence the way diamond rings are made in the future.

With new trends and technology always developing, the world of diamond rings will be an exciting and dynamic future. With new designs and exotic pairings to colorful diamonds becoming more dominant on jewelry store shelves, the world of diamonds has an exciting future! 

A lot is Still Yet Un-Sparkled! 

The exciting tale of diamond wedding rings through the ages and across cultures is worth reading. 

Diamonds have always been regarded as a distinctive sign of love and fidelity among humans, dating back to ancient civilizations. Therefore, the diamond engagement ring has become a significant cultural custom, and demand them is only expected to rise! 

But tradition needs modernization too! And, as we've seen, diamond engagement rings have seen several alterations throughout the years, from basic iron bands to intricate creations with various metals and diamonds; the love for diamonds is multiplying. 

As new trends and technology continue to emerge, the world of diamond rings is interesting and dynamic! 

There is undoubtedly a diamond ring out there that is ideal for you, regardless of whether you favor classic designs or are searching for something more avant-garde and avant-garde.

Diamonds are the ideal choice for any couple wishing to establish a lifelong commitment to one another because of their eternal beauty and symbolic meaning.

Want to get your hands on the possible best diamond designs? Netcarat is the right place for you!

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