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Diamond Angel Jewelry: Definition, Importance, Types & More

April 27, 2023 6 min read
Diamond Angel Jewelry: Definition, Importance, Types & More

Diamond Angel Jewelry: Definition, Importance, Types & More

The trend of diamond jewelry has grown from celebrities to business people all wear some jewelry, whether its a diamond ring, gold chain, or earring.

Today, people have started wearing angel jewelry, particularly diamond angel jewelry, and it is a perfect time to buy one.

But before we show you all the top picks for this year, let's learn more about what angel jewelry is.

What is Angel Jewelry?

The word “angel” refers to the spirits who act as intermediaries between humans on the earth and heaven. People often call them guardian angels or spirits protecting or guiding them and showering their love and kindness from above. 

Angel jewelry is jewelry that symbolizes love, protection, and spirituality. The angel diamond jewelry represents compassion and the true strength of love.

What is the Significance and Importance of Angel Jewelry?

Angel jewelry is considered very special; people gift it to those they care about and love. Giving a piece of angel jewelry has a special and powerful meaning. And if that wonderful piece of jewelry is a precious diamond, it should make an exceptional gift among other Christmas jewelry gifts. There are many reasons why angel jewelry is considered to be of great significance and importance, and we have listed a few for your understanding:

  • It represents protection, and when you offer them to someone, it means they are being protected.
  • Angels are considered silent messengers of God; thus, a piece of them near you will mean God is always there with you, listening to all your joy and sorrows.
  • With angel jewelry, you give your near ones a gift of peace.
  • Angels need no introduction, so a piece of jewelry made to honor them means jewelry offering love, strength, and compassion.
  • Angel wings, in particular, represent freedom, free will, and heaven and are often given as a keepsake.
  • Angel jewelry is no ordinary jewelry and has a deep meaning behind its existence; hence it is something one can cherish forever.

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Different Types of Angel Jewelry

Two of the most famous types of angel jewelry are the full angel and the angel wings jewelry. Both these jewelry pieces are considered to be great gifts and a keepsake. You can buy angel jewelry in diamonds, making them precious and something to be cherished forever. Angel jewelry is often designed to honor the memory of a loved one.

A piece of full angel jewelry will have a complete angel with wings in different styles, whereas in a diamond angel wing jewelry, you will only get the jewelry in the shape of the wings. An angel wing in jewelry provides happiness, faith, and hope. People usually wear an angel wing as a reminder of someone they have lost. Both these jewelry pieces hold a lot of meaning to the wearer.

Top 6 Angel Diamond Jewelry Products

You can find many styles and designs in angel jewelry products; every design will be necessary for the person. You can choose between a complete angel or an angel wing, depending on your preference. Look at the top six jewelry pieces you should buy for yourself or someone you love and want to protect.

1. Blinging Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold

  1. Blinging Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant
    Blinging Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant
    $799 As low as As low as $799

Cherubs are ranked amongst the highest order of angels in Christianity. Cherubs are considered celestial winged beings with human, birdlike, or animal characteristics who function as thorn bearers of God. 

Cherub angel pendant is amongst the favorite of all fashion advocates, and you can get a beautiful blinging diamond pendant in 10k and 14k in rose, white and yellow gold. All these pendants are made to order, especially for that special person in your life. The cherub angel's wings and body will be covered with 142 round diamonds with a metallic finish. 

This baby cherub can be worn by any gender. You can even give them as gifts to your spouse or partner. Since this is a small pendant, it can be worn with a chain on any special day or event.

2. Rizzy Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold

  1. Rizzy Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant
    Rizzy Cherub Angel Diamond Pendant
    $449 As low as As low as $449

You can buy this cherub angel diamond pendant and give it as a gift of serenity and peace to someone you love and adore. Cherubs are the most sought guardian angels and are believed to protect and guard their loved ones. 

The baby cherub angel pendant is made to order in yellow, rose, and white gold and has round diamonds all over its wings. You can get its pendant in 10K and 14K white, rose, and yellow gold.

The pendant has a triangular loop studded with diamonds and is polished for a smooth finish. This rizzy cherub angel diamond pendant symbolizes spiritually guiding faith and can be worn by men and women. You can pair it with casuals, or formals and make it perfect for every event.

3. Aesthetic Angel Wing Diamond Pendant

  1. Aesthetic Angel Wing Diamond Pendant
    Aesthetic Angel Wing Diamond Pendant
    $1,049 As low as As low as $1,049

Angel wings symbolize faith and protection and are believed to be worn to remember your lost loved ones. This pendant will act as your divine protector; you can give it to people you feel need extra love and protection.

It is a unisex pendant that you can get in rose, white and yellow gold of 10k and 14k. You don't need any special occasion to wear this pendant, and you can even wear it on your normal days.

You can always wear this pendant with a simple chain and feel blessed and protected.

Better, give them as a birthday or anniversary gift to your partner.

4. Gemmed Cherub Diamond Pendant in Yellow Gold

  1. Gemmed Cherub Diamond Pendant
    Gemmed Cherub Diamond Pendant
    $899 As low as As low as $899

Wearing angel jewelry means you are always overlooked and protected by guardian angels. The gemmed cherub diamond pendant symbolizes love and faith. You will see the beautiful cherub angel with a crown, robe, and wings, making it different from other pendants.

The loop, crown, rope, and wings all have sparkling 94-round brilliant diamonds, and their tapering shape compliments the entire jewelry piece. You can customize it in rose, white and yellow gold in 10K and 14K pieces.

It is a beautiful, elegant, and attractive piece that will look good on both men and women. Wear it on your special day and walk with confidence.

5. Frost Cherub Diamond Pendant

  1. Gemmed Cherub Diamond Pendant
    Gemmed Cherub Diamond Pendant
    $899 As low as As low as $899

The frost cherub diamond pendant comes in a dual-tone shade with rose gold and diamonds. You can even get it customized in yellow and white gold. It is a full angel diamond pendant with 303 diamonds on the wings and the entire angel body.

You will look elegant and beautiful wearing this beautiful, fully diamond-covered pendant with a chain or solo. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose between a 10K or a 14K; the prices for both will differ.

The pendant comes with an invisible loop making it look prettier than ever. Looking at the pendant closely, you will feel that the cherub is flying high in the sky. It will be a perfect gift for your loved one.

6. Baby Cherub Diamond Pendant

  1. Baby Cherub Diamond Pendant
    Baby Cherub Diamond Pendant
    $599 As low as As low as $599

The beautiful baby cherub diamond pendant comes in three shades of gold - white, yellow, and rose. Gifting baby cherubs symbolizes offering protection to your loved ones. The person will cherish an exceptionally meaningful gift forever.

You will find the baby cherub in wings, clothes, a crown, and a heavenly guarded loop, all covered with 96 round and brilliant diamonds. It is a true example of great craftsmanship skills, and you will fall in love with this piece.

You don’t need a reason to give this as a gift. You can give it to the person you love the most and want to protect them forever. 

Newtcarat’s Views on Angel Jewelry

No matter your age or gender, angel jewelry will never go out of fashion. This meaningful piece of jewelry will forever make a place in your heart. 

You can look for designs and all these jewelry pieces at Netcarat’s website and place your order today.

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